Hi All,

I am now a pumper! I got and was trained how to use my Medtronic 722 on Tuesday, I also have a CGM working too. So far its been great a few little mess ups and all my fault (over calibration of the CGM - not funny) and not sleeping due to thinking the alarm is going to go off and dozing off and then it does!; but all in all its attached and working. Still getting used to it and today is atill only day 2.5 :o) . The trainer said that most pumpers name their pump's to give it some identity so my partner has nick-named it ' Pepe' for Pepe LaPump.

Many thanks to all those that posted information and advise that helped my understanding of insulin pumps and all those in the future that will continue to assist without even knowing it..


Congrats!!! I use a 522 and love it!! You are on your way to having great A1c’s!!

Very cool, I use the 722 as well and I am fighting for the CGMS. Will love to hear all about your upcoming days.