Pumps It Supply Line Troubles

This is my very first post to a forum…ever.
My Dexcom supplies have always come through Pumps It, Inc. They have always been very good about filling and fulfilling orders easily, quickly, and friendly. Now they have partnered with a company called Solara Medical, or at least at the time I was told “they are our new sister company and helping us fulfill refill orders.” Now I’m having difficulties. I placed a refill order for sensors on 5/2. They weren’t as friendly and had me place a second call to a different number at their billing department to give them my payment information, which was different and inconvenient from just one number and done, and by a friendly person. They charged my bank account on 5/3. But I’ve never received an email or text with order or shipping confirmation, nor have my supplies arrived. In the past I would have had order confirmation within 24 hrs and supplies within the week. I called my insurance and they have not gotten a claim. I tried to call Solara on the phone and couldn’t get through. My insurance called them and got through but got cut off before getting answers other than, “They don’t normally charge the patient’s account before filing a claim.” My insurance rep tried to call them two more times and couldn’t get through. I called the 24hr Patient Help Line posted on Pumps It website and a recording told me it was not in service I needed to call 281-955-8900, which is the number for Solara Medical billing department. The same number I and my insurance had been instructed to call before which we couldn’t get through or got cut off.

I finally got another number for them at 888-342-2895. I was then told, “Solara and Pumps It are one in the same.” and “Your order should arrive today.” When asked why I hadn’t received order or shipment confirmation notifications, “We’re behind on email notifications.”
I wanted to ask for the tracking number, but suddenly I was cut off or the line dropped or something.

Is anyone else getting Dexcom supplies through Pumps It or Solara Medical? If so, are you having any troubles? If troubles persist who else can we get supplies from that are good and reliable? I’m on my last sensor with no backup sensor if this one fails since refill order has yet to arrive. I hope it does arrive today.

I also was using Pumps It when I switched to Tandem X2. I found them very easy to deal with and got my pump and dexcom supplies. I tried ordering in January and never got the response back. So after a couple weeks, I called and was told they didn’t renew their insurance for CA and NC. What? Those are pretty big markets, right?
So I was told to use one of their “sister” companies and that all my info should just slide over.
Nightmare moving forward. Multiple calls, multiple calls to doctors office. It was a mess. I had to start like I was getting new insurance.

I haven’t had to reorder yet. Not looking forward to if but I did get a call from Pumps It a few weeks ago to see if I needed an order. I asked about the insurance issue and was told since they are not part of this bigger company, they were good. So I am hoping it will go back to the usual because I will go back to them if it is like it was before. Hopeful this new parent company hasn’t corrupted Pumps It

Good luck fighting the fight with insurance companies and the supple companies they make us use.

Hmm, sounds like you had a bit of the run around I experienced when this other bigger company was brought on, or they were bought out, or whatever happened there in the joining. Crossing my fingers for you that all goes well with your next refill.

I guess if I continue to have problems I’ll just have to talk to my insurance and see if there are other suppliers that can be used. But my guess is they have selected one based on cost and have a contract.

Best wishes.

I use Solara and haven’t been having any issue with either supplies shipping timely or getting them on the phone (trying to consolidate all of my DME to Solara instead of a hodgepodge of companies). Perhaps the issue is for those who have been getting their supplies through Pumps It. Solara has a good app that I place all of my orders with called Trace.

Perhaps. Thanks for your input.

Hi @TinaB and welcome to TUD!

I’ve been through a number of these DME merger situations—just seems to be endemic to the industry—and the guys doing the acquisition are money people, not medical or tech people, so despite smiley-face promises the integration of data and personnel is a haphazard thing at best.

One question: how locked in to this particular DME are you? Because many insurers are agnostic as to which service you use and there are lots of alternatives out there. Having been through a number of these DME card-shuffles I’ve fetched up with Edgepark, for the last 8 years or so. Of course you can find bitter complaints about ALL of these guys and Edgepark is no exception. I’ve had a few hiccups. But by and large they’ve been reliable and their customer service is decently responsive, including their communications with my prescriber.

If you consider switching, I currently use CCSmed, and mostly ok. I get pump only supplies from them now, since my insurance now does Dexcom as local pharma (Costco).

In past I used Byram with other insurance, also were good, and preferred their website and customer support. But has been several years since using.