Pumps to shots

Thanks to Mr. President I can not afford my insulin pump! Its is going to cost over $500 dollars for my pods. Which means 4 shots a day. Has anyone went back on shots after being on a pump?

Not to be flippant, but weren't you on shots before? Still works the same.

Biggest issue is insulin stacking. However, there are several really good smartphone apps that perform the same calculations and tracking that pumps do, so you should be able to get nearly the same precision of dosing as with a pump, and similar control.

Biggest issue for most people going from pump to shots is just that the number of injections to achieve the same fine control of BG just isn't practical.

Maybe a BG meter like the Accu-Chek Aviva Expert could help you with insulin dosing using MDI. This meter has a program like the ones used in insulin pumps to help manage taking the right dose of insulin.

Here’s the website: https://www.accu-chek.com/microsites/aviva-expert/index.html?epromo=MDAKGM1200&gclid=Cj0KEQjw6deeBRCswoauquC8haUBEiQAdq5zh-_oTyGd7LoHrGRIbkc5wFIjQHH8hVplwLN5oEwgRa8aAuPM8P8HAQ

I have no connection to Accu-Chek or it’s manufacturer, Roche, other than as a user of the Accu-Chek Aviva BG meter.

My insulin pump broke and was out of warranty so I am doing MDI until I can figure out what I'm going to do. My coinsurance on a new pump is 30% so I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get a new one at this time. To be honest it feels kind of nice not to have something attached to me all the time. I'm enjoying the pump "vacation" at the moment, but I am sure I will quickly tire of taking shots. I already miss the tight control I had on the pump. The hardest thing for me has been figuring out how much insulin to take for a bolus. I can still use my meter to calculate, but it doesn't absorb the same with shots so I have to take more than I am used to. Good luck!

The president of the United States of America? Lantis and multiple humalog injections is known as the poor person’s pump. Poor? But humalog is $150 a bottle twice the price of regular. If you’re poor it’s become easy to get on Medicaid. You’ll need to move to a state that didn’t oppose Obamacare.

I too find myself in this predicament. I am Type onne since age four and was first placed on the pump at age twenty eight. I am now fifty four and am unemployed and the only insurance I can get does NOT cover pump supplies or insulin. I have gone from my pump regimen back to four to six injections a day. I am doing a split (morning and evening) of Lantus. Lantus was given to me as the emergency backup when I was put on the pump and there is probably a better alternative now. I'm not sure and my Endocrinologist is too costly for me to go see also. Thank god she will still phone in scripts when I need them but I'm afraid that won't last long. I also take Humolog at mealtime. As stated before the real issues are stacking and absorption. It has become very easy to fall into an insulin shock situation and so I have had to cut down on exercise, try and limit stress and make adjustments to my dosages. The treatment regimen is very specific to each individual and all you can do is be diligent and test.

I lost my job and was unemployed for a year. I couldn't afford COBRA. I contacted the manufacturers Patient Assistance Program and they supplied meds (I was on MDI then) to me free of charge. It was a hassle, but I did what I had to do to get the meds I needed.

I remember back in May where you said "I think about getting on back on the shots! My A1C was way better when I was on the shots!" I guess Mr. President read that too. You can do it...Good luck.

Thanks everyone I know I can do it. I am going in for a visit next week to talk to them about everything. I dont get anything free and we have worked and paid for everything I have. Thanks to Obama my insurance canceled and I had to switch.