Hey I will be getting a pump in a couple of days (yay me!!!). I have a couple of questions…

1) Right now I’m on 38 units of Levemir and 4-10 units of Novolog with every meal…how will that work with my pump? How to I break that down throughout the day.

2) How many hours can people with pumps go without eating? Sometimes it’s hard to get my lunch break when i want it or NEED it…so that scares me because I don’t want to pass out at work…:frowning:

Guess that’s all for right now…I’m sure I will think of 50 million more in my sleep :slight_smile:


One of the greatest things about being on a pump is that you can eat at whatever time works for you and you don’t have to eat if you don’t want to!

When you go on a pump, you use the same insulin all the time, usually humalog or novolog. You’ll have a basal rate, which the pump gives you in small increments constantly throughout the day; and you’l have a bolus rate for meals. You’ll need to learn how to count carbs if you don’t already (not sure from your post if you’re on a sliding scale or counting carbs for meals), and your doctor will help you figure out your insulin to carb ratio. Your basal rate should keep your bg level whether you eat or not.


I’m actually one both. I’m on a sliding scale plus I count carbs as well.

Good luck with your pump. I haven’t been on mine for too long, my advice would be to test frequently and do your basal rate fasting tests fairly, once your basal rates are sorted it all falls into place, (that is until it fancies throwing a spanner in the works!!). I think diabetes likes to challenge us and keep us on our toes.

I just got the pump today! lol It’s a minimed 722. I wanted to hook it up today but I have to go to a pump trainer, but it’s like they are going so slow with scheduling me. I’m so upset…I need it hooked up by Friday because I’m running out of my insulin pens :(. I have read everything on it and watched videos and I think I know how to hook it up. Thanks for the support.


You won’t use Levemir or any long-acting insulin while on the pump. Most likely you’ll switch entirely to Novolog. The pump will give you 38 units of Novolog over 24 hours - (38/24=1.58) about 1.6 units per hour. You will take an additional 4-10 units of Novolog for meals as you do now by pushing buttons on the pump telling it to pump in an extra dose.

Your trainer will probably teach you how to use the Bolus Wizard feature. After you program the pump with your carb ratios and sensitivity factors are all you have to do before eating is enter into the pump your current BG and the number of grams of carbs you’ll be eating. The pump will calculate your dose (bolus) for you. You can adjust it up or down before accepting it.

Good luck with the pump!

P.S. Buy a copy of the book “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh.

Yeah I found out about being on all Novolog, but I need my training because I’m running out of the Novolog flex pens. I have Novolog in a vial for my pump and that’s all. I don’t have a needle to even use that if I don’t get set up with the pump trainer in time. Just seems like they are putting me on the back burner.

On the pump you will only be using the fast acting insulin, which is your novolog…One thing i love about my pump is I can eat whenever i feel like it. all i have to do is adjust my basal rates…

The pump gives you so MUCH freedom!

I know you will enjoy your pump…Mine has changed my life…Good Luck

And also the pump gives you insulin all day long with is called your basal insluin…whenever you eat a meal or snack you will give yourself a bolus to cover your food…

I know how you feel, I was so upset when I went in the first day with my pump really excited and then they told me I had to wait until the next day to actually put insulin in it! ARGH!! But luckily my appointments were all after each other, the 4th, 5th (the day I finally got insulin in it!), 7th, and then the 2 week check up on the 21st!! The hardest thing about the first couple of days was having to get up every 2 hours during the night!!

Yeah my pump trainer was telling me that I’m going to have to get up like every 2 hours for at least a week so they can figure out my trends. I’m excited I get it hooked up on Saturday at 1:30.

Read “Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin” and/or “Pumping Insulin” ASAP!

Understanding how it work, the insulin and the pump, are critical ti succeeding with a pump. Once you understand what is happening you will have a great new life ahead of you.