Hello, I just joined. I’m type 1, diagnosed 6 years ago…just looking at pumps. any feedback? does the omnipod have any type of closed loop system like the Medtronic and soon to be tandem upgrade. not sure how to make a decision about all this. also, anyone want to chime in on the closed loop pumps, with experience, that would be great. thanks.

Scott Benner interviews Omnipod’s Bret Christensen about Omnipod, Dash, Horizon, and Tidepool Loop. Visit this site and look for episode #200 in the player on the page.

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First step should be to check with your insurance carrier to see which system is covered. Some Continuous Glucose monitoring systems are not covered.

Though it took close to a year to learn how to overcome the idiosyncrasies (the infamous update BG loop) of the Medtronic 670G and for the 670G to learn how best to deal with my eating habits, I feel we now have an effective working relationship which is keeping my BGs under control.

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This link is a good summary and review of pumps.

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As @Tery4 pointed out, you should check with your insurance carrier first. If you have UHC PPO (commercial plan), you may be allowed to get a Medtronic Pump only, except for those age 65 and older.

Read the following article for the comparison of the “usability and training” differences between two personal insulin pumps before making decision:

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This article is interesting, but study was done in 2015, comparing Minimed Revel and Tandem. Both pumps have newer versions with integration with CGMS.

You cannot go wrong with most pumps. The differences are mostly in the sensors and CGM integration with the pump. I would start by looking at insurance, then CGM’s, and only then pumps.


Here is info on omnipod.