Putting a Face on your Enemy

If you could separate yourself from the monkey that has been on your back and look at it face to face; what would it look like? What sort of ritual would you perform on it to insure that it would never have the ability to attatch itself to you ever again?

Wow Mike this is deep… I love it…Will have to think about it…very seriously… will post later

i have to admit… having lived with it so intensely, i think that it would look alot like me. this is one of the most beautiful descriptions of it i have ever read

Wow Lev - Kerri sure has a way with words doesn’t she? - that was perfectly described. I guess I’m like you - having had it so long - it’s just another mini-me - probably with a quirky grin and a glint in the eye. I can’t think of disattaching myself from “it” - because it’s part of me - thru’ good times and bad.

if i would ever get it detached i would probably kick it a few times, blow it up with the biggest bomb i could find and maybe even spit on it then i would run away as fast as i could screaming and yelling for joy :slight_smile:

i’ve been watching alot of buffy the vampire slayer. I may be the “chosen” one but i would still slay it with a stack with a quirky pun afterwards.