Putting on MM CGM without MM Manager and RN present

I was wondering what your opinion was if I put my CGM on myself the first round without supervision from the MM Rep and RN? The reason I would be doing it this way is because I have had it since Jan. 26 and have been waiting patiently. They rescheduled an appoint. from March 22 for a week, then I had car trouble and couldn't get to that appoint. Now they want to reschedule for two weeks but I will be out of town then for two weeks. My husband thinks we should just go ahead and put it on ourselves. Does everyone have to do it by appoint. with MM and a RN? Thank you for any help. I am just anxious to try it.

THe only catch will be the insertion is different than an infusion set, plus theres some adhesive issues that are different if your used to using an insulin pump… and you must put an iv3000 or other occlusive dressing over it… I’;d really wait (even though it is painful having to wait that long… I had a pump in a box for just under a month waiting… also if you bleed on insertion, you can salvage the sensor and still use it, unlike a normal set where you have to put in a new set…

Thank you for your reply John. I did not get any dressings with it. Are they over the counter or do I need a prescription for them? Insertion probably won’t bother me as I have been on the older pumps that had straight needles that stayed in you and no insertion device. I used Tegaderm patches over it and they were by prescription.

They didnt ask me for a prescription when I got the IV3000, but i presume a tegaderm would work. Rememeber theres a bit of trial and error… Your trainer might actually be bringing them (supposedly minimed has an adhesive trial kit for the sensors but im not sure if they are including it by default)…

You may want to check the Medtronic website for an online tutorial on inserting the sensor… if yah decide to do it yourself…Id look at it anyways to see if i want the walkthrough with the RN/Rep

As always YMMV but I wish yah the best of luck…

I’m a little confused, do you have a pump already set up? If so, go for it. I didn’t have an appointment/training for my CGM, I just did it, I don’t know why you’d need any training.
You will need something to cover it, IMHO - I don’t use extra tape for the infusion sets and I can even let my pump dangle without pulling it out. Rub something over the CGM once, however, and it falls off.
Read the instruction material and good luck.
A pump on the other hand is much more confusing and I’d suggest some RN or MM help with that (but I didn’t have any, I started on my pump before they had help from the company for it).

Thank’s TS. I’m actually confused too! yes I have a pump on. I just needed confirmation that others put it on themselves. It’s not like I don’t know how to do it. Why do they make it so much more complicated than in the old days! Besides, it’s another appointment I have to pay for!! I think that’s why they want me to let them do it.

I put mine on myself! You can do it. I put the pump and CGMS on myself 3 days before my appointment. I just couldn’t wait. Have your husband there to help you get the needle out and I have had better luck with the Tegaderm than with the IV 3000 but yeah you definately need to do something to keep it from ripping off. The first time it took my sensor hours before it would work, not just the standard 2. So if you’re not getting the connection (the green light on the transmitter will blink a few times if it’s connecting to the pump right about 20 seconds after connecting it to the sensor) drink lots of water and just keep waiting.

My thought at the time, when I first did it, was if it wasn’t working I can take it out.

I would advise strongly against inserting the CGM without supervision - the Senserter may look simple to use but there could be issues with detaching it from the sensor once you are done with the insertion. You also need to learn how to secure the transmitter to the sensor and how to prevent it from dangling and tugging at your skin. All of this is best done under supervision.

If you can, it’s best for you to return the MM CGM and try the Dexcom instead. If you want to go ahead and try the MM CGM, make sure you have the 30-day trail period so that you can return it once you realize its shortcomings.

You should warn you the other “gotcha” with the Dex… Dex sensors do not like Tylenol (Acetaminophen) but the MM sensors are somewhat sensitive to it… Not as bad as the Dex but still theres an effect on them… Im going with the Dex due to cheaper out of pocket cost and ease of sensor insertion, but I keep looking at the soon to be released update to the Navigator, albeit the out of pocket cost is vastly more than the Dex system.

Kim, John and John, thanks for all your help. I really want to just put it on but then I got an e-mail from the Rep and she said she could squeeze me in Fri. Then I was thinking about what you John and John said about the Dex. I actually have been reading good things about it. I have 1 mth to return the MM CGM and I think it starts when it is put on so I guess I better let the Rep and RN do it in case I want to return it. Don’t know if they’ll honor it if I do it myself since I actually got it Jan. 26! At least it will be documented that they did it. Oh and I asked about a trial period up front and the RN told me they don’t do that. Should have asked the Rep. She did tell me I had 1 mth to return it though. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Call your MM Rep and ask for the IV3000 or Tegaderm dressings. (At least a sample pack for now) When I received my CGM I had 6 packs of IV3000 included without asking for them.

Thanks Sophie I will ask.

I actually started my pump the week before my MM rep showed up. She was amazed that I figured it out (not that hard) and commented that I must be some kind of engineer (true). Anyways, my opinion is,if you feel comfortable withh the CGM then do it. I know more about my body than anyone, so I am really the expert on it. Just read the directions and follow them. No prob.

Call them and tell them youve had it this long and sre still waiting to use it. After all this time you decided youwant your money back… They have a nurse and rep to you soon.

Its actually very easy to do, but you should have a rep there the first time. The RN is not really necessary.

i’ve never used a cgms and have no plans to try, but started my MM pump without any tutoring or coaching. it was delivered, i reviewed the instructions, programed it, inserted a set and have been flying along without problems ever since. i actually have never spoken to a pump rep. so … if cgms is anything like a pump, i wouldn’t hesitate to plunge in and give it a try. why wait? i’m guessing you’ll do fine…

I recently started on the CGM; I would not recommend trying to do it the first time unsupervised. The insertion process is not nearly as straight forward as it is for the pump and getting the sensor and transmitter to fucntion correctly has been a ral crap shoot for me even after the training. At $35 a pop, you cannot afford to waste them!

I started using my pump and CGM the day it arrived; months in advance of the ‘official’ training program MM suggested. If you read and understand how it works it is no problem at all. It is not complex, it is not dangerous, and there is no need to wait.

When I finally talked with the MM trainer I told her what I did and she asked a couple of questions about how I programmed the pump and said, “sounds like you are doing great, call if you need anything!” and we were done.

After using CGM and the pump for about 2 months it has changed my life and my level of control beyond belief and I had rather good control before starting. The CGM is not magic but it is amazing and wonderful.
Of course this is all IMO.

A trick that I found in one of the Blogs that helps me on the CGM is :

  1. Cut the IV3000 in Half and cover the Sensor to just before the connection Point O Rings
  2. After connection of the Transmitter, put a small piece of paper (1/2" sq) on top of the transmitter and cover with the other Half of the IV3000
  3. Put a 2nd full IV3000 at 90Deg to the other cover over the full device.

This has allowed me to remove the Trasmitter for charging if necessary without the sticky gum on the transmitter device.
Just be careful when cutting and removing the IV3000 to get the Trasmitter off.

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It took a friend giving me his old pump, and starting myself on the pump before my doc would consent to ordering me a new one!! His argument for not using a pump was that it was too much work, but it’s obvious he didn’t know what he was talking about.

I’d be a little more hesitant about the CGM because there is so much that can go wrong with the insertion. It took me 4 sensors before I really got the hang of it, and I’m getting much better readings (i.e. closer to fingerprick readings) now than I did in the first month on it.