Putting our money where our heart is

Hey guys,

Last week i bought this book: No ordinary moments, from Dan Millman, which i highly recommend. First time i knew about Dan Millman was when i watched the movie The Peaceful Warrior! It tells us that the hardest battle to win are the ones that happens inside of us. I think its true for any human being but especially for us, diabetics.

Well, coming back to the book i bought, i was reading it last night and opened it in a "random" way... so i found this beautiful message: "Put your money where your heart is".

Enclosed is the file with the whole passage.

"Money itself is only a medium of exchange - pieces of paper and engraved metal, but when we give it away and sharing it selflessly with others, we give our energy. our time, our labor, our love and our life"

It made me think that money is not worth it if it doesn't built love...

Have a GREAT new year, with a lot of love, peace and of course, money... so we can have a very abundant life (in all ways)

Very big hugs


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You can’t take it with you!

Thanks for sharing! I belong to a sort of 'meditation' group that's is based in Indian culture - they are taught concepts like these from an early age. Sometimes I think we in Western culture forget that money isn't everything.



Love the Peaceful Warrior books movie was so so thought the focus was off. The first book I credit for starting my change of life from a hooligan to a man.

Best things I have carried with me from them is Happiness = success/desires if you have simple desires you have more success and therefore more happiness. And There are no ordinary moments