"Putting the discussions topics where they belong"


Some of you may have noticed from time to time the discussion topics move around the Forum, into a different category than the one where they were posted. This is done for “housekeeping” reasons, to keep the Forum organized, but can be greatly minimized by doing two things:

  1. Before you start a new discussion, make sure it is getting posted in the right category. You can either click on the Forum and go to the category where it makes the most sense (Newly Diagnosed, Type 1, Type 2, etc.) or you can do the same thing as you are starting the discussion, by selecting the appropriate category in a little dropdown menu next to the word “Category”.
  2. Do a search of the Forum before you post. There’s a good chance the topic you are about to start a topic about may have been posted before. If you enter some keywords in the search box within the Forum, you may be able to find a previous discussion about a similar topic.

This being said, if any of this is not too clear or if you are having a hard time finding past threads about the topic you are interested in discussing, go ahead and post it: we’ll take care of the housecleaning later. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for your continued support to everyone in the community as we continue to grow.



What are the purpose of “Tags?” Are they used for the key words search?

And remember, when those house cleaning chores are required, it is good to be needed.