Putting Your Health in Google's Hands?

Reading the Official Google Blog this morning, I was surprised to read a post by one of their Vice Presidents, sharing his thoughts on putting health into patient’s hands.

It struck a chord with me, where he discussed what he felt are the three core principles of a future health care system: Discovery, Action and Community. In his notes from the speech he gave to the 2007 American Medical Association of Informatics (AMIA) Spring Congress, he added:

Consumers can organize into communities which are protected from inappropriate commercial exploitation but allow consumers to share their experiences with others whose medical situations are similar, to rate the value of resources such as sites and health practitioners, and even to answer questions of each other in real time.

This resonated with me because it made me think of TuDiabetes.com and what goes on here through the participation and sharing of stories and tips of everyone involved… I can say that made my day! :slight_smile:

Now, I wonder how much is Google thinking of diving into the Health space. Thoughts?

I agree with you that TuDiabetes is exactly the type of community that I thought of when I read his speech.

And the larger blogging community that’s talking about diabetes is also part of the bigger community.

But before we can get there (in my opinion) we need to be able to get the basic information, which is why I made my post.

It’s all about empowering people, Bernard. I haven’t done enough reading into Microformats, but I’ll be glad to help however I can.

Great post here, really does show how the internet can help something so frustrating, costly and devistating to our society as health care get on the right track, when well intentioned people stand up and unite. Do you have a “resources” section where people can recommend outlets for certain “diabetic” issues?

Think LinkedIn has something similar with their new Answers section, “recommend an expert”

The problem I have found with so many sites, is the political correctness. Where I have learned my most valuable information is talking to other diabetics. Doing research on what I am taking and going to the masses and asking how’s it going on this drug? And using common sense. Even though I have talked extensively with my dr. That was like talking to a brick wall. I have learned, I have to be involved. I did like what this man said. But talk is cheap. And it will take a long time for things to be implemented. It always does. That is why you guys are so valuable. The more we communicate the better off we will be.

HI to everyone, first post :slight_smile:

Speaking of Google and Diabetes, anyone else noticed just how inappropriate all the scam Google Ads for diabetes “cures” on the right hand side of the pages here are?


Google Ads can be the craziest thing on earth… Some of them can be useful and some of them are just way off. :S


In regards to your statement: “anyone else noticed just how inappropriate all the scam Google Ads for diabetes “cures” on the right hand side of the pages here are?” I agree, but at least they are not ads for enlarging penises, and with a money back guarantee!

Manny is part of the forward progression of ‘health’ by creating this network. And you are part of it by being a member. This is the future. Thank you all, and thank you Ning.

Yes, I noticed that. But it’s just the algorithms that are doing it, not humans. Well, humans are behind the algorithms running the ads, but you get the idea.

You guys should read Bernard’s post about the continued forward motion Google AND Microsoft are making towards the Health arena:

He made headlines today at MedGadget!!!

About the topic, quite frankly the privacy implications concern me quite a bit…

“Dr. Google” always gives a 2nd opinion on healthcare and vet care in this household. Pretty sad commentary on what I think of the first opinions I receive.

More news on Google and their moves into the Healthcare space…

Google has already announced a policy of diving into the Health space, but they aren’t as much interested in us poor zhlubs with diseases as in the crazy amounts of money available in selling health care related information processing services to insurers, industry etc…

Ah! A fellow cynic!

I think, however, that it’s still possible to look beyond Googe/Yahoo/Microsoft’s profit motives and into the substance of the conversation among the users. I frankly don’t care if the forum sponsors make money as long as they’re not ripping me off. I’m glad there’s a forum.

Nonetheless - caveat emptor!


Here’s where it gets REALLY silly.

I went to my M.D./PhD. dermatologist last week–the guy who correctly diagnosed and removed my melanoma. And I asked him about the relationship between Januvia and melanoma.

So after a while he comes into the office and we talk, and he admits that until I’d asked him he didn’t know anything about it, but now he does because he just googled it. But of course, that means he just read my web site which is the only one giving any information about this topic!

This was relevant in 2007....even MORE SO now!!!

Well, if doctors were better these days, I wouldn't need Google. My daughter noticed a rash on my son's leg, and said it was ringworm. I waited a while to see if it would go away, and I went to the doctor informing her that my son has ringworm. The doctor tells me 'oh no, that's a bug bite, and a couple weeks later he has it on his other leg (where the knees touch).

Bernard, it shows up as "The webpage cannot be found"....did you take it down for modification?

I figured it out to be because it was posted in 2007 and is likely just GONE for whatever reason.