Q about ICR and ISF for AC Combo Pump users

Hello All,
I just got referred for pump therapy after 2.5 years on MDI. I have complications with MDI, so it's off to pumping for me (I'm excited)!
I am liking the AC Combo, but need some details I can't find online.
When programming the Insulin:Carb Ratio, can you only use whole numbers or will it take decimals? For example, if my ICR is 1 unit for 4.3g of carbs, can I use 4.3 or do I have to round up/down?
Same question for Insulin Sensitivity Factor, please?
I know the MM Paradigm Veo will do decimal points, and it may be a necessity to me, but I really like the remote on the AC Combo, that way I stash my pump and tubing in my clothes and not have to fish for it when bolusing or correcting.