Q: Body Balance by Life Force, anyone tried it?

My wife is trying to get me to try something called Body Balance. It’s a liquid nutritional supplement made from sea vegetables, and probably ground unicorn horns.

Sounds fishy to me, but she claims she spoke to a few folks at the hospital she works at, including the diabetes educator and they all swear by it.

Anyone heard of it? Yea or Nay? Real science or fairy tale?


i personally have never heard of it, but i found the website http://body-balance.us/prods/bodybalance.shtm it looks interesting.

This post is old but I'm curious if you ever tried it. The diabetes educator said it was good? I've been researching about it but can't find a whole lot of info. Thanks!

Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Honey, and then the snake oil: SeaNine™ Sea Vegetable Blend.

I'm always wary of these types of things. Looking at the ingredients it seems like you can achieve the same results with a healthy diet of fresh, non-processed foods for probably a lot less money.