Question about angled sets

I’ve used Cleos, Comforts and Comfort Shorts, Insets, and Inset 30s. For some reason, with the angled sets it seems to itch a whole lot which gets worse the longer I wear them. It’s itchiest above where the cannula is in my skin - in other words, where the window is on most of these sorts of sets. I primarily use the angled sets in the same places as the straight-in sets, aka tummy and love handles (really not a fan of thigh sites and not confident of my ability to place an arm site). My question is this: should I attribute the itchy factor to my placement of the angled sets, to the adhesive or some other factor? What do you all think?
The primary reason for the question is that I’m wondering if I’m rotating my sites enough and trying to decide if I should get over my angled set aversion to use them on thighs/arms/etc.

I’m pretty good about changing sites every three days - the few times I’ve pulled them early have been because I ripped a site accidentally. I’ve actually used the IV3000 dressings in the past, with rashes and itching from those too. I haven’t tried the Tegaderm ones though, maybe those would work better.
I did get rashes with the SkinTac H even though it was great as an adhesive.
Actually, as far as the thigh sites go, how do you angle them so they don’t catch and get tugged when you pull your pants off? If I recall correctly, that was why I gave thigh sites up.

I use the Inset 30s and LOVE them!!! Sounds to me like you have an adhesive allergy :frowning: You could try taking a Benadryl and see if it helps…although you might be a bit sleepy :confused:

I use thigh sites with the Sils. I just make sure that when putting on panties that the tubing doesn’t go through the the leg holes of the panties. I usually use the short tubing (23) and haven’t pulled out a site due to that yet, but then again I use Mastisol and then 2 IV 3000’s on top of it and I make sure I take my pump off before pulling down my pants.

I use Comfort infusion sets and I have occasionally experienced this itching. It wasn’t too intense, but definitely noticeable-- and exactly in the place where there is no adhesive (that little window). I leave my infusion sets in for 5 days and it is around day 4 or 5 when it starts. I don’t know what causes it, but I’m even feeling it right now.

I also hesitated about using thigh sites for the SAME reason! I ripped two out while pulling down my pants. But I was out of options in my favorite places-- so I decided to give it another try. What i did was tape the sets down for the first week or so while I was getting used to it being there. I pulled on it some, but it didn’t come out. Now I use ONLY thigh sites (for a while…) and now i seem ‘programmed’ to remember that it’s there. So I don’t tape it down anymore and it’s been OK.

I’m not sure if this is the same as what Cody said, but I run the tubing on the inside of my underwear (through the leg hole) and I find that i get tangled up less this way.

Success! I’m trying a thigh site today and so far it seems to be working fairly well. I’m threading it through the leg hole of my panties and the only discomfort so far is with larger boluses. However, this is only day two… I’ll see how well I’m holding up tomorrow.
Thanks for your suggestions everyone! Who would have thought a simple thing like putting the tubing through my underwear would be so effective… :slight_smile: