Question about Battery Types for Paradigm 715

I’m curious about this and I couldn’t find any specific answer searching about the net…

Can you use an Energizer AAA Lithium e² battery instead of the Energizer AAA Alkaline battery in a MM Paradigm 715?

My cheapo MP3 player uses AAA batteries and 1 battery would last me about 2 days (I use it a lot), but since I started using the Energizer AAA Lithium e² battery, it has lasted over 2 weeks so far! I usually get about a month from the Alkaline in my pump, but I thought that if I could use the same ones I put in the MP3 player, they would go a heck of a lot longer.

Anyone have any ideas about this? Thanks.

I haven’t tried lithium but I do use the Radio Shack alkaline (they are red) and I get about 50-100% more life from them…
Keep going…Peace, Bob

Hi Bill. I had used the Lithium e2’s for awhile on a friend’s suggestion. It did increase battery life to a good degree (I don’t remember how much, however). I asked Minimed about using them, and the tech I spoke with warned me not to do that. The only reason given was that it wasn’t a normal alkaline battery, so don’t! I don’t really think that she knew what the battery was, so I’m not sure if her info was accurate. I still use them from time to time, and haven’t noticed any problems pump-wise.

My son uses a Paradigm 712, and we always use a Lithium battery. The model/part number is CR2450. I hope this helps.


Gee, I feel rather “stupid”, now. I scanned your post the first time, just before I replied, and the second time, after replying, discovered that you’re asking about AAA’s. So … I would imagine that my answer might not be appropriate. However, since we’re using Lithium batteries of a different type without problem, you may be able to do the same. For what it’s worth, we haven’t been too impressed with the support at Minimed. We’ve found that we often know quite a bit more than they do - I’m not slamming their pump, though, it’s great!!