Question about high bs

does anyone know why high bs can sometimes make you feel sick and horrible and sometimes youre feeling ok?
today after lunch i felt awful and tested, was 210 and felt terrible. other times ive been that high (or higher) and just felt sleepy. i dont get this high on a regular basis, dont know what happened today.

for me, it usually depends on whether the high bg comes from a forgotten bolus (so not enough meal insulin), then i usually dont feel as sick.
but if the high bg is caused by too little or no basal insulin (like a kinked cannula or similar) i feel horrible.
the reason this happens is because, if i dont bolus for a meal, i am high, but my muscle cells still have sugar to burn from the liver, and the body functions, as if i hadnt eaten anything, but the the bg is high.
but if i dont have enough basal insulin, the body has NO insulin in its system to convert any sugar, and starts burning fat. thats what makes you feel nauseous, exhausted and often just terribly sick…
hope, that could answer your answer to some extent. :)

Yes, I have the problem that I can not feel my lows and become incapacitated and other times I have a low and feel nothing at all. I am able to take care of myself and then I just simply fall asleep for a while and I'm fine. today I saw spot in my eyes. after you have diabetes for a while you"ll wish what you are feeling would come back. This is the wonderful world of diabetes. How long have you been a diabetic? From what you are experiencing it sounds like a while

no, im not talking low bs, im talking high bs.

Yes I understand! The thing is I no longer feel MY high either. When I test and then compensate that is when I feel the things you are feeling Sometimes, other time you wouldn't even know it had happened at all. The sugars are effecting the nerves in your body. I have had diabetic neuropathy for 30 years. it comes with the territory. I am sorry to say. When it becomes painful keep in mind Lyrica. That is the new drug on the market for neuropathy. My best wishes to you

I’m like swisschocolate. If I am high due to overeating even if I thought I bolused enough, I may feel guilty but I do not feel sick. If my BG rises due to a pump/infusion set problem, I feel sick within 1-3 hours due to an absolute lack of insulin. Some of it has to do with ketones, but not completely.

Ya! It has to do with your liver too

yeah, i dont know. i am on mdi and had my basal in. i guess it is like the changing symptoms as lows-it just makes diabetes more exciting, life more of an adventure.... :/