Question about insulin

My Doctor gave me 13 viles of Humilog for a 3 month period. I am using one vile in my purse and one vile at home. I am taking 45 to 50 units per meal. By using 2 viles at a time, will I run out of Humilog before the 3 months are up??

The only reason you would use more vials is if your Humalog was expiring with multiple open vials. Given that you say you are using like 150 units a day, you will use up the insulin long before it expires. Heck, you could probably have three or four open vials and still not have the insulin expire. Are you taking metformin or anything else to help you be more insulin senstive? That is a lot of insulin.

No pills yet. That’s not all the insulin that I take either. I take 40 units of Lantus twice a day. Guess I just need more!

K-Long, Once opened a vial of insulin is “good for” 30 days. Each vial contains 10mL which equals 1000 units. So at 50 units a day, times 3 meals per day you are using 150 units daily. That means one vial should last 6.6 days. So if you are running two open vials, you’ll have both used within 13-14 days. That’s totally fine. Your total insulin usage will be 13500 units over 90 days. So if you have 13 vials… according to my math you will be 500 units short. Now, IF you use less (45 units instead) you may come out closer, but I think you’ll be a vial short at the end.

I was taking 400 units of insulin a day, so I hear ya!

What is your I:C ratio? That seems like a lot of insulin for one meal.

Just a reminder, everyone has different ratios… my I:C ratio is 1:2, and my Insulin Sensitivity Factor is 1:1. So you can imagine, my requirements are enormous. If 50 units is what K-Long’s doctor prescribes, I don’t think we should question it if it is working for her.

If you have enough total vials with enough insulin it shouldn’t matter if you’re using 2 at once or not, it’s total insulin vs. total used, right? As long as it isn’t out too long and expires like someone said. You could run out of 1 vial before the other if you’re pulling more from that particular vial.

Thanks for all the info! It feels good knowing I’m not in this alone!!