Question about Kids & Continous Glucose Monitors?

My daughter wears the Medtronic pump & also CGM and is doing great on it. As Joseph mentioned, sometimes it’s a bit off, but a lot of times it’s spot on or just a few points off of the BG number. It’s made managing her BG a lot easier for myself and other people who may not be able to do a BG check. (i.e. in Sunday school, the teacher can look at the pump to get an idea of where she’s at and call me if need be). In the middle of the night it’s caught a few lows and a lot of Highs, which I have to speak with the Endo about. I allows me to see any spikes after meals, then I can speak with the Endo about how to get those under control. I love the trending arrows that show you how quickly the BG is going up/down. You can then do some exercise or eat a snack to try to avert the High/Low. She wears it on her upper glut and we usually get 6 days out of the sensor.

Hope this helps!

I have not put my son on a CGM yet mainley because he’s 4 and we still bolus after meals. I have found both thumbs up and downs to the CGM’s and I think when we revisit the idea when we can predict his carb intake a bit better I would think it worth a try. Your son being 10, you can explain that he may or may not like it and to give it a shot. Make a list of pros and cons with him after trying and them come to a group decision on weather to continue to use it!!

My son is getting the omnipod in a few weeks. We haven’t considered the CGM yet. I’m concerned he won’t go for both devices and he’s pretty good about testing himself (he’s 14 and dx about 7 months ago) I hope they come out with the artificial pancreas soon as it sounds like it will do it all! Wouldn’t that be nice (in leau of an actual cure). It’s hard enough to be a teenager without having to deal with diabetes. He is doing pretty well but it’s definitely affected my entire family and I’ve noticed it’s affected his grades, social life, etc… hopefully, getting the omnipod will make him a bit more carefree.