Question about lower post-meal spikes

OK so I have felt really good when I let my post-meal spike only reach around 100-120. It seems to only work well for meals under 40 g of carbs or so. Otherwise, if I’m at 100 after a meal, and I took more insulin for more carbs, the IOB in the next 2 hours will bring me too low.

So basically, how does everyone get their numbers at a good range without going low from the insulin on board.


Through a lot of experimenting & testing:) Knowing how long insulin stays in your body is trial & error.

I don’t eat after meals because this can tricky. As someone newly diagnosed, you may also have some insulin production to complicate it.

Insulin at higher doses can be unpredictable, something you’ve discovered with meals under 40 grams.

Sounds like you haven’t learneda about estabishing a 1,2 & 3 hr CB… the 1500-2000 Rule
Get the Book "Think LIke a Pancrease"
Look up the 1500 Rule @

and hate to tell you, but yes, eating more than 40 g Carbs at one sitting can really cause delayed digestion and spike BG’s 2-4 hrs after… Taking a Dual Wave shot helps and those using Pumps can set their Pumps to do that as well… Using MDI, I found using addtional R ( Regular) helped when I wanted to eat Higher than 40 Carbs… Others taking the new Apidra take mutiple shots/doses… since it’s duration is less than the Logs…

This T1 Disease is in Constant Change in our Bodies…Nothing stays the same and I hate this GD disease and Only a Cure is the Answer… everything else is just Temporary…