Question about ping

I just received my one touch ping insulin pump and i just finished watching the training video. The one major concern i had was if there was any way i could change the way to enter a meal bolus. I have had the Deltec Cozmo for about almost 2 years now and i always entered in the carbs of what i was eating instead of putting in the units of insulin. If i understood correctly, i can enter the carbs through the ezCarb but i wasnt sure if i could make it simpler by just being able to click “bolus” and enter carbs that way.

With the Ping, when you enter the carbs you are going to consume, the meter calculates the units of insulin you need to cover those carbs based on your insulin to carb ratio. If you enter 50 grams and your I/C ratio is 1:10, the meter will recommend 5units. You simply have to scroll up to 5U and press go. If you have insulin on board (in your system) from a previous bolus, it will consider that and recommend a lesser dose if appropriate. I really find it quite accurate as long as your I/C ratio is accurate and your insulin duration is set for the insulin you are using and your body’s response to it. It’s kept me from stacking and going low later…good luck.

Congratulations on getting the Ping. I hope it brings you
much good health. Just curious of why you switched from
the Cozmo. I was wondering if I could get a video on the Ping
before buying one ?

visit the Animas website. They have all their training videos available on-line.

Thanks, David

i switched because they were not being made anymore and i had done some research and found myself to really like the ping.