Question-Brittle Nails/Cuticles (T1D + Hashimoto's)

Hey everyone,

I’ve had T1D for 24 years and Hashimoto’s for 21 years. I’ve received very little information about Hashimoto’s, which means that the little that I know has come from my attempt at reliable research on the internet…so much that could be said here, but you get my drift. My A1C has been between 5.9 and 7.1 for 22 years. Most of the time, my blood sugars are relatively well controlled. All of this said, I have struggled with nail biting and brittle nails/cuticles for a long time. I know that brittle nails & cuticles are a symptom of thyroid disease, but I don’t know much about it. I moisturize, hydrate, monitor my thyroid levels, and work to have a relatively balanced, healthy life, but my nails are always about the same (thin-ish, fairly brittle and prone to lots of shredded hang nails, which encourages the nail biting a bit). I know that nail biting is a symptom of anxiety, for which I’ve already received help, but the habit has been hard to kill. I eat a pretty healthy diet with lots of fresh produce, lean meats, and mostly unprocessed food. I don’t take biotin, but I have before. I live in a dry desert climate, but have most of my life, and when I have lived in more humid climates, the symptoms have been similar. I moisturize with lotion several times a day. It’s probably also worthwhile to mention that i don’t do anything to my nails most of the time and prefer to keep them short and unpainted.

Given all of this context, my questions are:
(1) Has anyone on here with both T1D and Hashimoto’s found some regimen that has genuinely helped our nails and cuticles to improve?
(2) Has anyone struggled with nail biting, but also been successful at turning around the habit? If so, what did you do that worked?

Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve suffered with brittle nails and hang nails. For the past month I’ve been rubbing castor oil mixed with hemp oil on my nails at beftime. I have seen a vast improvement and find my nails are much stronger.


Mine break all the time and always have except for one year in college. I have both type 1 and hashis too and severe osteoporosis and probable celiac or something like it. I have never found anything that helps. Except don’t wear any nail polish etc. I do a lot with my hands but I try to wear gloves etc as often as possible. As soon as mine get a nice tip they break etc. I have tried everything topical and supplements.

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My nails are fine. I was having yellowing of my toenails for a while but when I tightened up control a few years ago, my nails went back to normal, very while and clear. I could see the line where the yellow grew out finally. I understand high levels of glucose interferes with nail function. I was never really out of control, but went from a1c 7.1 to 5.8so that is a significant change I can actually get this number under 5 with considerable effort, but I feel better if I’m in the high5’s