Question for 670G users

Hi , New to this forum but I quite like it already.
I have been a Type 1 for 50 years now and am 76 years old.
I have been a pumper since 1987 with the first Minimeds etc.
I get all my pumps and supplies from the Veterans Administration. I get whatever pumps they decide to disperse so have used almost every pump.
Now my Animus Ping just went off warranty a few days ago and the VA San Francisco is offering 670G replacements.
My A1C is usually 5.9 to 6.3 due to a lot of finger sticks and a good diet.
I have never used CGM nor do I think I want to as it is difficult enough to find infusion sites now.
My question is:
Can I use the 670G on manual and no CGM?
Kind of old school but it works for me.
If not , I will continue with my Ping until it dies and then see what else is available then…or from a different VA facility. They don’t seem to have a national policy regarding which pumps they contract for.
Thanks in advance for any feedback… and if there are any U.S. VA pumpers out there get back to me. We can share some experiences!


I don’t have 670, but I think the answer is yes.

Medtronics also 2 other pumps, the 630 and 530. The 530 May be most similar to your original pump.

I am currently using 522, and not likely to get 670. Will either get 530, or consider a T-Slim pump.

I have the 670G through the VA in Shreveport, La. The main benefit of using the 670G versus earlier versions of Medtronic pumps is the closed loop system that relies on the CGM blood sugars to give you the micro-bolus’ and low suspend features. I had the 530 before and liked it better than I do the 670 mainly because the sensors fail more and the pump itself is larger and bulkier than the 530. If you don’t plan on using the cgm I would recommend going with the 530. I wasn’t given any other options from the VA when I started using the pump about 3 years ago. Regarding the cgm, you can put it in places you usually don’t put infusion sets like in your leg and arm. It might be worth trying! Good luck!

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Good info, thanks so much. I like the Tandem T-slim pump a lot also, one of my tennis partners has one and it is small and relatively simple etc. . How long was the training program the VA provided you for the 670?

A medtronic pump trainer met me at the VA and we spent about an hour setting it up and training. I was the first patient to use the 670 at that VA facility so there were several doctors and residents also sitting in on my training session. The trainer said she usually spends about 2 hours training but because I am a nurse it didn’t take as long. I’m still not sure how being a nurse has anything to do with me understanding how to use a new pump though! lol

Thanks Dani!

Exactly the info I needed.

Guess I will give the 670 a try .

I love new technology anyway…

Best of luck to you


Dani pretty much covered it Ken, I don’t have much to add. Yes, you can use the 670g w/out the CGM, but you lose the main point of having the 670g without it.

That said, great A1Cs my friend, I suspect with that kind of attention to detail, you’d benefit from the 670g system. Its not magic, and still requires some work to be successful with it… but if you put the work into, IMHO, your results should be rewarding.

I have a Tandem X2 pump through the VA. I would say it is far easier to navigate, etc. than the 670 was when I tried it.
Dexcom for CGM, I find that it gets good BG numbers even where infusion sites are not working the best. But you do not have to use the CGM if you don’t want to.

Great info! Thanks

Which VA was it?

Did they give you an option for the Tandem x2 or they gave it to you because the 670g wasn’t suitable for you?

This is a great forum!


I am up in Washington state.
I told them which one I wanted after looking at, researching, etc.
If your VA doesn’t have any, you can always call Tandem, and they can help you through this. And they can even have your local rep give you the intro if need be. They have been very helpful with me when I have talked with them, and used them a few times directly.

Good advice, I will look at my options when my Ping expires.
And thanks so much for the support, only fellow T1D’s know the daily struggle we each go thru.

This is really good info! Very useful to me. The SFVA Diabetic Clinic nurse told me the 670G was the only pump they will provide me and in order to get one they would have to order it and wait 6 weeks to receive it. Then I needed to take 3 weeks of training and attend their Clinic regularly. A bit difficult for me as I live in Mexico most of the year and return to California a couple of times a year to see my family and my VA PCP doc. That is when I decided the 670 was not worth the effort if it required that much oversight.
I will contact Tandem to see if they can be of help…or transfer to the Portland VA.
I have a brother there to stay with but for 3 weeks!
Thanks so much

I too am T1 50 years. Recently got T slim. After a few moths of frustrating learning curve and lots of tech support, I am now happy with the pump! ( was always MM user until now) It is considerably smaller than MM and Dexcom CGM reads on screen. I know you are not using CGM, but going from 20 finger sticks a day to 2 has saved my fingers! I also have trouble finding sites as scar tissue and absorption sometimes create problem. I encourage you to check it out if the VA will cover.

Good luck

Type 1 for 52 years, using the 670g with CGM in Auto Mode. Yes, you can certainly use the pump in Manual Mode no CGM. Works great as a plain old insulin pump. The only bad thing is, you’re not using the incredible technology available to you. Kinda like buying a tricked out Porsche 911 to drive on suburban streets to and from the grocery store. But it’s you, your diabetes, and your pump so you’re free to use the pump anyway (safely of course) you want. Best of Luck!
The cool thing is, if you decide to use the CGM you can easily link it to the pump. Heck, you might just want to try Auto Mode and your pump has that capability built in.

Hi Lisa
I am happy to see all us 50 year survivors!
I will check out the Tandem , It certainly has some great features and will give the CGM a try. I have the same problems with the finger sticks and the damaged tissue as you. Very frustrating as you well know.
Thanks so much

Good advice, Jane
52 years !, congratulations
I liked your analogy on the Porsche…I had one but certainly would not drive it to the store because I didn’t want to get it scratched…or dirty!
I am sure I will like the 670G if that is what I end up with. It will just take a while to learn how to use all the functions before I go to auto mode. Probably I am a slow learner and overly cautious!
Thanks so much

Yes. You can use it just like a regular pump. All the bells and whistles will be there but you won’t be using them. I used the 670G for the bells and whistles and was disappointed in how it worked. If I was to get a plain jane pump and the VA was giving me one and they offered me the 670G I would take it with no hesitation, especially if I was not using the CGM.

Having had diabetes and survived for 50 years means you are an incredible diagnostician. If anything- the biggest obstacle you would face is learning to trust the pump. Best of luck in however you choose to proceed. Have you gotten your 50 year medal yet?

There will always be a learning curve, and good to be patient. Very difficult when we are hyper vigilant with our control ( which is impossible at best)
If we have gotten to 50 years we are warriors and can do anything! My doc reminds me of this all the time. We are so lucky to have this technology and smart people to help us with our slow brains.

Keep us posted.

I used needles for 26 years and started the pump December 2017. My A1C has always been close to 6 because I am very meticulous with my regimen. This caused problems within the last few years and I’ve always had several low sugars per day. The biggest change for me was the CGM, this allowed me to see exactly how insulin reaction time occurred and allowed me to adjust accordingly. The 670 has also helped, especially during the night keeping my sugar in control without the lows. I’m now at 5.8 A1C and still making adjustments to make even lower. The pump is nice, but the biggest change and benefit has been the CGM.

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