Question for all who are on the pump

hey my question is this
whitch pump should i use if i get to start on it
im realy liking the Animus becuz of the waterproof (never know when u will get pushed in) lol
and it comes in great colors and uses sevral different types of injecting patches
but then again the Medironic is nice becuz it beeps to wake u if you have low blood sugar
and since i dont wake up that could be helpful

so please give me idea’s from experince
do u think ill wake up? will it be loud enough?
or would Animus be better since i love swimming and stuff?( i know i can disconnect it but less work if its waterproof)
please and thanks
Ariel :slight_smile:

The Medtronic only beeps if you’re using it with the Minimed continuous glucose monitor. If you don’t have insurance coverage for the CGM, then I’d stick with either the Cozmo or the Animas.

On YouTube I have some videos that show these in action.

thanks for your comments but im really setting my mind on the Animas thats for sure

i used animas and really loved it until i found the omnipod. i can get wet and not worry about disconnecting, i leave the pdm in my vehicle and go play with my children, husband, dog and grand children in the water without the worries. i am waiting for my freestyle navigator now.

good luck with what ever you decide.

i’ve been on the pump for about 2 months now and like it…im on the Medtronic. I bought the transmitter which wasnt covered by insurance , that you need for CGMS to get your warning alarms… but have only used it with the sensors i got originaly ( there pretty expensive and im not covered for em’ but work great!) It is easy to disconnect before jumpin in the the water… i luv the beach too so i dont now how ill like it come summer?! …R u just taking fast acting pokes when u eat(or drink too much beer!)… thats what i did for the last 5 years. (is that how long its been already?!! lol)

Cozmo! i love my cozmo.
its waterproof, comes with a BG meter that makes it so the pump&meter are just one thing, and it has a disconnect feature, temporary rate basal, mealmaker (which is a big menu of different kinds of foods prgrammed in the pump!) and so many more things.
i love it, its sooo amazing! if you have any other questions, feel free to ask mee.