Question for Spirit Combo pump users

Does anybody else using this system ever feel like you don’t remember how to take care of you own diabetes? Sometimes I feel like ditching the bolus calculator and just doing it with the pump because I am forgetting how to think for myself. Just wondering if anybody else ever feels like this?

I don’t feel like this, maybe it’s because I have 2 other meters, 1 that stays in my purse, because I’d never remember to take my combo meter w me everywhere I go & also sometimes I override the bolus calculator for various reasons (dp, stress, exercise, carbs)

Well, sort of. I tried the system, and though I liked the customer service very much, I didnt do well with the pump. I couldn’t figure out the bolus calculations, seem to do much much better on my Ping. For some reason, this pump and I did not get along. I also didn’t like the icons, too much eye clutter for me and the meter font was small. I do think it is a great meter, but would never have used some of the settings on it. Again, I really liked the customer service, but it did’n’t work out for me at all. I’ve really cusomized my thinking when it comes to using my pump. The Ping I have figured out, and I couldn’t begin to explain it to anyone. I just know what it’s going to do.