Question for Tandem X2 Pump users

Every pump has it pluses and minuses, but I need a pump that is easy to read in all kinds of light.

I currently have an Animas Vibe with 1.5 years of warranty left. My options in the future is to convert to either the 630G or the T-slim X2. Since I use the Dexcom G5 it would seem that the Tandem pump would be the best option, and the majority of the reviews are very positive, but I have reservations on being able to view the screen in bright sunlight. I have been treated for retinopathy, so my eyesight is sensitive to glare. Also, how easy is it to read the menus - it seems that the colors they chose for the pump are not of good contrast, and I am worried that the font is too small for trifocals.

I have seen a 630G outdoors, and it has good visibility. The options are all good, but I would be sticking with the Dexcom CGM (going on Medicare and they only cover the Dexcom).

About me:
DXD 1964 - age 12, yup that is 53 years ago.
Pump experience over the past years:
H Tron (6 years)
Cosmo 10 years (2 pumps)
Snap pump 2 years
Animas Vibe 2.3 years


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The screen is plenty bright.
To prove this, I wear mine inside my Spibelt. I actually dose, calibrate, etc. while it is still IN the belt.
I just grab the pump so the the stretch material is tight over the face of the pump. I can easily see everything and can hit all the buttons through the stretch cloth.

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I too think the screen is very bright. I actually use it as a night light in the wee hours of the day. I work outdoors, and have no issue seeing the screen, even with super dark sunglasses on. I also find it easy enough to read without my glasses - something I can not do with my phone, even if I enlarge it.

Many on these forums have talked about the BT dropouts with the CGM. I have yet to experience any of those problems. In the last year or so, I have only had a few occlusion alarms. Most were due to user error. The one issue I have, and I think overall it’s very minor, is not being able to tell visually how much insulin is left in the reservoir. That said, the insulin units left tracker in the upper right of the home screen seems very accurate.

Best of luck with your choice. Whatever you choose, I am sure it will be right for you.

It is, but some pumps have a clear plastic window in their
reservoirs…old school. Generally speaking, when it says I have 2 units
left, I can get almost nothing out of the reservoir to recycle. I think the
on screen counter is pretty accurate as long as all the air was purged at

thank you all for quickly replying. It is reassuring to hear that the screen is bright. I would like to hear from anyone else.

I was not aware of Tandems offer. I have sent an e-mail to the local rep to talk to him about it.

Regarding the units left in the cart, the pumps seem to underestimate. My Vibe always had more left in the cart than what the pump indicated.


I have the t-slim started using it on Oct. 27, 2017, after having the ping the screen is very easy to read compared to the ping the ping was very hard to see in sunlight. I am so glad that I chose the t-slim. works great with the Dexcom G5 and the fact that I don’t have to carry my pump and CGM monitor is a blessing. I also wear trifocals and the t-slim is very easy to read.


I have 5 mos. left on my Vibe. I’m concerned about having to charge the TSlim. How long does a charge last and how long does it take to charge? We recently went hiking for a week, and I"m wondering about having to carry a battery pack for the pump. I’ve used Dexcom for years… can’t imagine giving it up. BUT, that MM shut down for low BS is very interesting…

Thanks that’s very helpful!

I’m so happy I chose the Tandem. I absolutely adore it. I have terrible vision, though not diabetes related, and I can see the screen very clearly, even outside.

It takes a little getting used to when making the switch, but you just have to stick it out.

I’ve never had an occlusion alarm yet, and I’ve been using it since July 2017. I was worried about that, after reading the reviews, but it turned out unnecessary.

I do find that my cartridge estimation is always off by about 20 units. I just draw them out with the fill syringe and add them back into the next cartridge. I also think the t:90 infusion set inserter is misaligned. The squeeze dimples to inject are rotated 90 degrees away from the disconnect tabs, so you basically have to do a yoga move at one point or another. The pluses far outweigh the negatives, though.

It is very helpful to hear of peoples experiences on seeing the screen. But I also have had extensive laser treatment in both eyes for PDR, and then suffered a retinal detachment in my left eye; and I am 20:35 in my right eye. Consequently I have trouble seeing things that are low contrast, and it seems like the color choices and brightness of some of the sub-menus may present a problem. What is the experience of other people that had laser treatments?


I have had laser treatments. Massive amounts in the mid-1980s. I don’t drive after dark, especially if it’s raining, as a result. The font size is very small on the home screen but is visible to me in daylight, however in low light situations, I have a little trouble. I either have to turn a light on or use the flashlight function on my iPhone sometimes. I don’t see most shades of yellow, but that appearing as white is OK contrast on the pump. The red is hard for me to see in dim light though and that is what color the low BG numbers are on the home screen.

I switched from MiniMed/Medtronic to Animas in 2005 until Nov 2017. I am not loving the X2 compared to Animas, but I don’t know Medtronic to compare them. I know I loved the low profile integrated clips on my old MiniMed pumps (1994-2005) and all my Animas pumps (2005-2017) and the X2 doesn’t have a clip unless you put it in a case. The case that comes with it has an awful clip that falls off my waist constantly. I am currently in search of something else case or clip-wise.

Good luck in making your decision. Some people love the X2, some people don’t and I’m one of the ones with buyer’s remorse. I’m hoping someone comes out with another pump when it’s time for my next one.


Thanks. I too had extensive laser treatments in the mid-80s. I also don’t drive after dark, and can’t tell certain shades of yellow, or tell certain shades of green from blue. Dark blue looks the same as black to me as well. I wear blue blocker sunglasses and can’t drive my wife’s car because the instrument panel uses blue LED light.

When I looked at the t:slim the dark red font used was very hard for me to see.

It may seem counter intuitive to use a Dexcom G5 with the MM 570, but my BG is under very good control. From the comments of people with good control using the closed loop of the MM670 have worse control with the closed loop. Plus, being on Medicare I have to stick with the G5.


I too have had multiple argon laser tx’s in both eyes in 1982-1983. 5000 little “weld burns” in the right retina and 4995 in the left retina with 2 retinal hemorrhages of the right retina, 6 weeks after my 2nd son was born C-section. Laser tx’s for PDR as well. Dx’d in 2/1968 at age 13. I’m 63 now. Yellow is hard to read for me as well as getting blues and greens mixed up and pinks and orange mixed up, if I only have one of them in front of me. I can tell the difference if I am holding both colors of bubble gum in my hand for the grandkids, lol. My visual acuity is 20/40+ and I too try to avoid night driving, but just passed my vision test at the DMV at 20/40 without glasses, since I did have bilateral cataract surgery in 2008. I too have progressive tri-focals. I just ordered the Tandem Tslim x2 pump last week after thoroughly doing tons of research and handling the tslim x2, Omnipod, and the new Medtronic pumps from 530g up to 670g. The tslim x2 is by far the easiest to read, even with the small text. I have a Medtronic Minimed Paradign 523 pump that is at least 5 1/2 yrs old that I can barely read, that is if my BS is okay and my vision isn’t blurry. Sometimes I have to take a zoomed in pic with my iphone 7+ to read it. I can’t wait to get it, especially since it is upgradable in 2018 for the new Dexcom G6 CGM, when it comes out, hopefully, by the end of this year, according to some inside sources. Driving at night with amber sunglasses helps also. I am trying out the new Freestyle Libre CGM right now and hope to get it within a couple of weeks. Then, when the new Dexcom G6 comes out, and next May 12th I will be 65 and have a Medicare supplement, all of my supplies and the new G6 will be paid for in full at 100%. Right now on disability, I only have Medicare A & B and my husbands UHC plan from his former Employer, Caterpillar in Decatur, IL, has a no duplicating policy that only pays the first 80%, so it pays nothing right now, except on Rx’s, but not on the Libre. Sorry for going on and on. I hope some of this helps some of you out. I’m a retired RN also and glad to answer any questions anyone has for me. I can give more details about how I like the new tslim x2 pump after I wear it for a little while. I have worn many different Medtronic pumps since my first one in 1983, after my right retina hemorrhaged twice. I searched for an Endocrinologist to place me on the newest, small pump on the market. Thanks

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