Question - how many carbs do you count for an apple?

I usually count 20 but my bs ends up being high afterwards… so for a normal sized golden delicious would it be more like 30?

random question but just curious before i eat my apple haha

17 carbs for the average size - enjoy

10 for an apple cut in half , med. size …maybe you want to use the scale ,if you have one to get a sense what 10 g of apple looks like .
I eat apple almost for every breakfast and I eye ball …10 g or more ; I also leave the peel on …I am sure you do too .

night time, i eat a monstrous plate of cauliflower and an apple for a snack, but then my bs become unusually high afterwards… around 185 or so. For 20 carbs I bolus 0.6 units of insulin, so i’m thinking those apples im eating are on the larger side and im guessing the wrong amount of carbs.
never had the problem with apples before, so i guess the 'ol pancreas is getting to the point of burnout now haha. oh to rekindle those prolonged honeymoon days…

Jill - I’d pick up a scale if you can splash some cash. I never owned one before going on the pump, I would “guesstimate” my carb intake, and well, you know the results of that . When I’m at home, I weigh my food if I’m not sure. Makes a big difference in what insulin you take to keep your BG’s stable!

For myself, apples can vary between 12-17 carbs (right now Russet apples are in - they are darn ugly looking - but so tasty). Depends on the size like Nel says (and of course, keep the peel on, slows the process of the sugar going into your blood system, plus it’s good fibre).

Now you’ve got me hankering for cauliflower! Guess I’ll be going shopping tomorrow, hope it’s on sale!

I have been thinking it might be time for a scale for me, too…

In the meantime, I usually go with 14g on the small side to 18-20 if bigger. Luckily, apples do not seem to be a problem food for me.

For a medium apple, I bolus for 25g if the peel is on and 20g if it is peeled and cored. There are a few varieties of apples I add extra bolus for but most fall into that normal range. I hesitate to increase my bolus rate before bed. I hate bottoming out while I am asleep!

If you get a scale, the EatSmart is great because it calculates nutritional info for 99 programmed foods. Gives you weight, carbs, calories, fat, sodium, etc.

Hard to estimate carbs in fruit because it depends how ripe it is.

Hard to estimate carbs in fruit because it depends how ripe it is.

Umm...not true! Ripening just means the carbs are being hydrolysed to sugars like fructose. The total amount of carbs is the same.

What I should have said is that depending on the ripeness of the fruit it can effect you differently, may hit you sooner, may require different bolus timing.

20-25 grams for the big ones and a lil less for the smaller ones

Hi Jill,

Are you sure it’s the apple, and not the “monstrous plate of cauliflower”? Here’s some cauli-carb info:

For what it’s worth, I generally estimate 20-25 g carbs per apple, depending on size.

Cheers, Mike

Have you ever had an apple that was 40g carbs? I forget where I got them, but they were some of the best I’ve ever had. They were almost a meal’s wroth by themselves lol

FWIW, the built in nutrition information on my OmniPod says this about apples:

1 medium with skin (2.75" diameter, approximately 3 per lb,)
19 g carbs
3 g fiber


I’m sure your apple is history by now =o), but if you decide to weigh stuff in the future, here’s one chart that may help:

We weigh it; about four grams an ounce. A small apple (approx. 4 ounces) would be approximately 14 grams; medium sized 5-1/2 ounce apple is19 grams so 20 grams is a pretty good guess. Some apples are seven or eight ounces. I would weigh one or two so you can get an idea of the size and then you can eyeball it when you have to.