Question: Managing exercise for preschoolers on the Pump

Hello! I was wondering how others handled times of exercise for their young ones who are on the pump? Currently, I suspend Elisabeth’s pump and check her BG to see where she is at before she begins. If she is within a good range, I give her some carbs to snack on and then test her again after her exercise time. However, she’s been having lows during the exercise time and I’m wondering what more I should do to prevent the lows? Last week we were hiking a small mountain in the Rocky Mountains and I felt like I was giving her juice and carbs all day long plus suspending her pump for large amounts of time. Today she had 45 minutes of gym class but went low half way through. She was 126 before the class, had carbs before starting, suspended pump, but still went low at 54 half way through and didn’t continue her class time.

I’d appreciate any suggestions from other parents who have had experience in this.


Hi, Tonyia~
Thanks so much for your response. I will try your suggestions for our next gym class!

Take care,