Question regarding switching (upgrading) to new phone

I am going tobe switching my phone (it’s the only device I use for my G6) and my carrier (that shouldn’t matter). I’m going from a Samsung Galaxy S9 to a Galaxy S10 5G. I plan on using the Samsung tool (smart switch) works great (but that was before I got my G6).

Does anyone have any experience doing this ? Is there anything I need to do for a seamless transition - I don’t want to lose connectivity or worse yet my transmitter.

Thanks in advance


I bit the bullet and did the swap with a day left on my sensor.

At any rate I forced stopped the g6 app on the old phone and after initializing the new phone ran the smart switch app and allowed the apps to install and update.

Upon launching the g6 app I had to enter the sensor code and transmitter serial #, once paired everything was working, past data was there. Only issue was the missing data from the graph of glucose as mentioned in another post.