I thought I posted this the other day but apparently put it some where else. Ok will post it again. What would cause the following: My blood sugar at breakfast was 107, drank Boost Glucose for breakfast and blood sugar testing at noon showed 213. Nothing ate between these two times. I am on Levemir and Apidra. I take 7 shots daily. Thank you.

If you only had one, that's about 16 carbs, I would not expect it to rise that much. Sounds like your fasting actin insulin dose isn't high enough. Do you normally get such a high increase with something like that?

Your fasting number is a little high too, what did you eat the night before?

Do you have any signs of illness or infection? Illness or infection, including a hidden infection, can make blood sugar rise. Check your temperature and see if its elevated.

Wow! Seven shots a day. Are you doing several correction a day. I wonder also if your carb to insulin ratio is correct. It may be that your bolus' are too small. 113 fasting is a little high not much but a little. Your basal rates might also need tweaking.

Another thought is that with some people the dawn phenomena hits later in the day. If this jump is a daily thing you might want to consider it.

I take a 60 shot of Levemir and an adjusted shot of aphidra based on the blood sugar reading. I have no idea what a bolus is nor a basal rate.?? You consider a 107 or 113 fasting rate high? I am lucky to keep it under 200. I also suffer from COPD, Fibromyalgia, and arthritis and am in constant pain and was wondering if that might be a factor. Although I am overweight, I do not eat that much and do try to eat healthy.

I'm sorry Ctilly I may have used terms you are unfamiliar with. Basal insulin is your Levemir is is slow release insulin that is there for you 24 hour basic needs. You need a constant steady amount of insulin throughout the day to provide for basic body functions.

Bolus insulin is fast acting such as your Aphidra it is taken at meals to cover the carbs in the meal. It is also taken between meals to correct for high reads.

This type of insulin regime is called MDI (multiple daily injections).

I am curious do you count carbs at each meal and do you know how much insulin it takes to cover a certain amount of carbs, your insulin to carb ratio.

I am aware that I am supposed to have less than 45 carbs per meal. I do not count them in any other way. I am mathematically challenged. *(

How many carbs you eat isn't as important as being able to count them and adjust your insulin dose.

If you are not currently seeing an Endocrinologist, I would suggest looking into seeing one. Endo's bring more resources to your treatment, Resources such as dieticians and CDE's (Certified Diabetes Educators). It appears that you could benefit from both.

Thank you for your advice. I was being treated by an Endocrinologist but we moved and am currently going to an Internal Medicine Specialist. Will certainly consider your advice. Thank you again. Dixie

You could ask your specilist to refer you to a diabetes nurse educator, who can explain how to read food labels and count carbs, and also how to calculate your insulin:carb ratio.

This is not something you should be guessing about. Insulin is dangerous if you don't know what you're doing with it.

Insist on proper training, so you can control your blood sugar safely!