Questions about 4 year old with pre diabetes diagnosis

Healthy eating is never bad… But in my opinion, I wouldnt put him on a too strict diet

True, but what is "unhealthy" for an adult or adolescent is often plenty healthy for a 4 year old.

Hard as it is to believe for some, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, is plenty healthy for active, fit small children, so long as it is balanced with fruits, veggies, juices, etc. as well.

Primary-school age children need lots of calories and fat, much more (in proportion) than adults.

A good low-carb diet for an adult diabetic is a complete disaster, nutritionally, for a 4 year old.

Aside, I sure hope pediatric approval of Afrezza comes soon. As revolutionary and miraculous as it seems to be proving to be for adults, all the things that make is so great are even amplified for a little tyke.