Questions about additional parts?

I was wondering how to get more skins and how much they cost?

Also do they sell a screen protector and if so how much does it cost?

Lastly can you order a spare charger and if so how much does it cost?

What does tylenol do to the sensor? Does it make it give higher or lower readings?

How do you get the one touch cable, what does it cost, can you use it with any one touch meter, and is it worth it?

I got my dex in Sept and It came with the grey/smoke/black skin, I would like pink. In case I lose/misplace the charger a spare would be nice. And right now I use the clip case to protect the screen but didnt know if they had screen protectors to protect it from scratches or if I should go to Staples and buy a pda one and cut it down to size. And I am allergic to Nsaids and Aspirin so that leaves tylenol as my only option for an OTC pain/fever reliever. I would like to know what it does to the sensor if I take it.

I was also interested in getting a second charger. I never followed up on it to find out how much it would cost though.

I think I heard that tylenol would result in higher readings on the dex. I’m not 100%sure on that though, so hopefully we’ll get some confirmation here. I bet if you search on that it has already been covered somewhere here?

I don’t know about the cable (don’t use One Touch stuff right now…).

My diabetes educator ask me if I take it every day as I do take tylenol for extreme pain I get on my left side. She told me if you take it every day (like some people take bayer everyday) then its not good. It does cause the dex to go out of wack from what I hear from people in this group.

I too would like to know about getting a spare charger and skins/protector as well so when I get my dex (which I hope is soon) I’ll be prepared.

I called the 800 number and ordered a 4 pack of skins. I can’t remember how much it cost I want to say $20 for 4 and $10 for one but I could be misremembering that. They should be able to quote you prices for other stuff you want if you call.

I believe lifescan’s cable and software is around $30 and should download all meters with a data port. The Ping has a proprietary connector and a cable came with my pump. I found downloading beneficial but many get by fine without. You should be able to find info on lifescan’s website. Downloading your meter would have to be done in meter or third party software. The Dex software does not download other meters like Minimed’s Carelink does.

I actually haven’t had to take tylenol since I started the Dex but I believe it will cause the sensor to read a false high while the drug is in your system. I think that’s why they added the shutdown on the receiver. I’m fortunate and can take NSAIDS if needed.


I know that the Dexcom previously required the cable attached to a meter in order to calibrate but at this point using the cable just doesn’t seem worth the effort if all it does for you is enter a single BG value into the Dexcom. If that’s all it does then there’s no way that could be easier than just manually entering the number. With the Dexcom when you manually enter a BG value it at least defaults to the current sensor value so it’s usually not a lot of button presses to change it. As I recall the MM Guardian always defaulted to the last manually entered value which could be way off.

I don’t take anything that contains acetaminophen because my CDE told me it will cause false highs. I used to use Aleve as an alternative, but then I had an interaction with another medication (Plavix) when I took Aleve for several days (I started bleeding spontaneously in my mouth which freaked me out). I asked my Dr. for a recommendation for a pain reliever which would not interact with Plavix, and I was given a prescription one. I almost never need a pain reliever so I haven’t taken it yet.

I have a couple of answers for you. I don’t know pricing for Dexcom’s alternate “skins”.


When I bought one, almost INSTANTLY after acquiring my Dexcom, they charged about $20 for charger. I highly recommend getting a spare, even if they now cost much more. Depending on your insurance situation, you might receive an insurance-covered upgrade when your Dex goes out of warranty (1 year); or, you’ll be getting a new one when it no longer holds a charge. In most cases, you’ll get a replacement Receiver as part of a full kit: new Transmitter, new Receiver, and a new charger.

So, after all these years, I’ve now got five of them. But one died, and only 4 of them actually work. The one which failed died in 2006, before I’d gotten any upgrades- so it was really good that I had previously bought a spare.


It’s an absolute no-no for an inserted Sensor. Unfortunately, it functions as an enzyme – vastly increasing the ability of the voltage-generating chemical reaction to take place, causing extremely high readings on the monitor (typically rising to “400+” within an hour or so). And, by enabling the reaction to occur easily and rapidly, with no dependence on bG, it also causes the Sensor to burn out much more quickly. It runs out of un-reacted reagents.

There’s more than one kind of “Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug” out there. If you’ve tried all of the OTC formulas (Aspirin; Ibuprofin=Advil/Motrin; naproxen=Naprosin/Aleve) and your usage is for body pain/joint pain/muscle pain/tendinitis – NOT HEADACHE, then maybe you should discuss trying indomethacin (=indocin, indocin-SR). (Not headache, because it often causes headache dizziness.) Or, maybe try one of the remaining COX-2 Inhibitors, even though they have major safety issues. (e.g., Celebrex.)


Most people use a particular kind of cell phone case, which works really well. “Search TuDiabetes”, in the upper right corner of these web pages, is your friend for finding the details about this :)) But, if you want to carry it loose, as I do, then you will want screen protectors- front AND back. On the front, there’s a tendency for dust to get in unless you cover it. And on the back, the yellow Dexcom label begins to shred after a while.

If you want to to put on “screen protector” self-stick film, just send me a “friend request” --and I’ll send back my mailing address. Send me a SASE and I’ll return it with 3 pieces of a really good “laptop skin” on bought on EBay… $3.00 per set pays a fair share of my original cost. The screen protector lasts longer than the Receiver does, and the edges never peel.


Even if you use One Touch meters, you should not use the old “cable” to copy meter readings into your Receiver for calibration. Just use the menu. And furthermore, it only works with the original “Ultra” model – which isn’t made anymore, having been replaced by the Ultra-2. (I use the newer “mini” myself. More convenient, pretty colors… :slight_smile:

Diana, you made a good post- but I think she’s talking about the Dexcom-to-One-Touch cable, not one of the One-Touch-to-PC cables.

I actually would be interested in getting an additional charger. Do they offer one that you can plug into your car??? I spend probably 30-45mins commuting each way. That would give me enough time to charge the receiver.

Thanks for all the answers. Unfortunately due to medical conditions unless I use a narcotic with out tylenol, tylenol is my only option. Thank god I dont need it often. I think I will call up and purchase an additional cable. 20 bucks is worth it.

For Emily:
There is no “car” version of the Dexcom charger. You can use the regular charger with an inverter; BUT, you’d better get a “pure sine wave” Inverter. They cost about 4x as much as the el-cheapo “modified sine wave” inverters do. (minimum $75.) Here’s why you need one: The Dexcom is a pretty sensitive electronic device, and it’s charger might not be able to translate the voltage jumps of modified sine wave inverters into pure DC, without bits of AC coming through as noise.

Such unfiltered “noise” might kill the Dexcom, because, even though you’re ‘only charging the battery’, the Dex electronics are definitely still connected- you can see the screen get brighter, and hear the louder alarms, when it’s running at “charging voltage” instead of battery output voltage. If you want one, both Amazon and Walmart list the Wagan “Elite 180” at about $75. But Amazon shows it “out of stock”, so you’re probably stuck with the big box people. (On the other hand, they’ll send it to your house for only 97 cents shipping.) Here’s their link:

So, your idea is costly: spare charger from Dexcom, plus the high-quality inverter from somewhere else. But it’s really good, and I agree: very convenient.

Fixed link. This site makes it too easy to enter an href with no link title.

thx, Mike.