Questions about Byetta

Has anyone ever taken Byetta for a period of time & stopped taking it & then started taking it again? If so did you have any problems? I was on Byetta for several months & I had to stop because I was unable to get my meds (ins problem). Since I can get my Byetta again, do you think I would have any problems with just starting back up on 5 mg like I did the very first time I started it?

Please look at the group that deals with Byetta
Byetta Group

I did but didn’t see any post that answered my question. Sorry!!

I went on and off and then back on Byetta with no problem.

You should have no more problems now that you did when you first started, maybe even less. Some peope think a break from Byetta is a good thing. Byetta tends to loose it’s effectiveness in some people over time. A short break is thought to help with that problem.

That is a good point. Bernstein actually suggests that Byetta and Victoza lose effectiveness within 3-6 months and suggest an ongoing rotation between the two medications.

Thank you for your response. That’s what I was thinking. I think it is like that with a lot of medications. Sometimes our body get used to the med & it does do good to get a break from it. Thanks again.

I have heard this too. It seemed like the Byetta was not effecting my appetite at all like when I first started taking it.
I am starting it again today, hopefully it will help. Thanks & have a great day!!