Questions about different pumps


I am in the process of researching pumps. I am looking to make the move to pump therapy from my 4 shots of insulin a day.

I have been looking at the big 3, Animas, Cozmo and Medtronic. I’m confused by a few things, what is the difference between the luer lock and proprietary? Is the difference in the insertion of the cannula? How the insulin is pumped? Disconnecting from the pump?

Like I said I don’t know anything about the pump except for what I have learned on line, and not always is it clear.

Everyones help would be appreciated and I can finally narrow down a choice.

if you have a chance, try to find this book, “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh… its a great reference . i have learned a lot from this book…you can find all the answers in there…

i have struggled myself when i started pumping and almost gave up, but then, when somebody recommended this book, it all made sense to me…

Good luck… i hope you choose the pump you feel is right for you… I am using minimed’s paradigm pump(522), its cute and what i like most bout it is that the CGM is integrated in the pump so you dont have another piece for CGM when you decided to get one…

it is really confusing what pump to choose with all these different pump company around… but I am very happy with my minimed…

I have only used Medtronic. With Medtronic the infusion sets disconnect at the infusion site for showers, swimming etc. I have tried two different sets, I have found i use the quick sets which are easier to disconnect for my stomach and then use the silhouttes in my thighs where I don’t have enough fat. The silhouttes I feel are more difficult to disconnect and connect than the quick sets but as long as you don’t have arthritis in your hands you should be fine with them. The silhouttes go in at an angle which is why they are better for leaner areas. The quick sets go in at 90 degrees. Medtronic also has the cgms intregratd with the pump so if you decide you want that as well you won’t have another device attached to your pants or in your pocket, just the sensor attached. Medtronic only has 2 tubing lengths to chose from, the 23 and the 43, I have found I prefer the 23 just because I don’t seem to get as tangled up.


hows the`cgms go? have you decided what to get?also. have you had any luck with the silhouttes? ive tried many times but none seemed to work…

My aborption is better in my thighs than my stomach. I am still getting knots and bruises but my pump trainer thinks that when I insert it the tip of the inserter needle is hitting muscle, but the cannula isn’t sitting in the muscle. As far as CGMS, I talked to my pump trainer on that as welll, she is an independent trainer for all the pumps and she suggested Medtronics. I have all the papers signed on it and now I am just waiting to get my check so Medtronic can ship it out to me.

Preta, in my opinion, there’s not a bad pump out there. I would encourage you to meet with some local Pump reps if you can or with a CDE who could show you different models and let you play with the buttons and features. I was with Medtronic for 8 years and am now with Cozmo. No complaints. Just different features and advantages/disadvantages.

I found these two sites helpful:

DiabetesNet Insulin Pump Comparison
Pros and Cons of Different Pumps

Luer Lock vs. proprietary refers to the way the tubing connects to the reservoir/cartridge. Minimed has proprietary sets for the Paradigm pumps (but they also sell Luer Lock sets) which means you can only use their sets. They have a range to choose from so it’s not like you’re forced to use one type of set. Luer Lock is a universal connection and you can use any set with that type. An Animas pumper might like Minimed’s Quick-Sets and use the LL version of those. A Cozmo pumper might like an Animas set and can use them.

Minimed’s Silhouette is the same as Luer Lock sets called Tenders or Comforts. They’re all angled sets.
Minimed’s Sure-T is the same as a LL set called Contact.
Minimed has sets that go straight in, Quick-Set and Sof-Set. There are a bunch of LL options for similar sets.

No matter what pump you choose, you’ll find a set that works for you whether it’s got a Luer Lock connection or Minimed’s proprietary connection.

Thanks guys, everything was very helpful. I’m going to look for that book this weekend Marvin. Slowly but surely I’m on my way.

I ordered mine off of Amazon. It is a great book to keep on hand for future reference as well. I bought the book when I first started researching the pump.