Questions about the Cozmo from a new pumper!

So, the rep. from Cozmo came to our house and Kacey is officially pumping, or should I say we are using saline for a week then switching over to insulin! So much more to learn and it seems like a HUGE responsibility for her. When she left to school this morning all I wanted her to do was stay home!! I am hoping that all goes well today, my fingers are crossed. When they inserted the cleo Kacey said it stung, and she was bothered by it for a while, we put ice on it and then soon after she was fine, does anyone know if this is normal? The rep said it was the wipe we used prior to the cleo, does that make sense to anyone., any other suggestions do we need to use the wipe, I understand it has some sticky stuff on it to help the cleo stick…Also her tubing is to long, we have the 30 inch, which to me seems like way to much tubing…I am wondering if the 24 inch will also be to long, what do you do with the extra tubing? Also how do you sleep with the pump case? Or any ideas of where to put at bed?? She ended up just holding it but I worried all night about that, she woke up fine and happy though, so I guess alot of this will be just live and learn??
They say that the pump has better control, but I have heard she will have more highs now that she is pumping, is that true? I hope not because her numbers are pretty good except for the night time lows…which I was hoping the pump would help. Also, how many days do you leave the Cozmo on before you change the site? I thought is was like 3 -4 days, but the rep said every 2 days? What spot seems to be the most comfortable? I realize this is a preference thing, but for sports and such I didn’t know what some others find comfortable. Kacey has it in her stomach…which is where she was giving herself most of her shots because she says it hurts less. I also noticed that you can test your BS in other areas besides your fingers., the rep said other spots are not as accurate, but her fingers are so sore!! Anyone test in alternative spots besides the fingers?? Lots of questions I know, and I did bombard the rep. with these questions, but I wasn’t satisfied with her answers or they were to talk to our dietician or endo on Wednesday, she was very nice though and I appreciated all her help, she was here for almost 3 hours!! Oh My goodness lots of info and new supplies…

Hi Mickey,
My son is on the Cozmo pump. I will do my best to cover everything you’ve asked! :slight_smile:
The infusion set will sting initially (I’ve had it inserted to experience the feel and after a while it stops hurting), that is normal.
When we change an infusion set, we wipe his skin clean and then set everything up with the new cartridge so that by the time the set is ready to be inserted the site is dry and the alcohol won’t make it sting so much.
We use the Comfort short sets with 24" tubing. We had looped his tubing when he first start using the pump and it blocked the insulin from flowing. SO, do not do that. Let it stay loose or tuck some of it into her waist band. Just don’t let it bend to sharply.
Brendon has a pump pack that goes around his waist and uses that all day and all night long. His shirt goes over it. If that isn’t an attractive option for your daught for during the day, then use it for nighttime so there are no worries of being tangle in the wire while tossing and turning in bed.
I don’t know about having more highs. If so, the nice thing about the pump is that you can adjust the basal and bolus rates to counteract that. You’ll find that you’ll be adjusting quite a bit at first, and then after that, you’ll be adjusting on occasion for sick days and activities or hormones…like growth spurts, etc.
We were told to change his site every 2 days, but we do it every 3. Any more than that and his site goes bad and the insulin doesn’t absorb well.
Brendon prefers his butt and stomach for sites.
I would not test in places other than her fingers as the rep is correct that other sites may not give an accurate reading. We test on the SIDES of the tips of his fingers, not on the pads of his fingers. How long ago was she diagnosed? If it’s recent, then eventually her fingers will toughen up and they won’t be as sore. I ask Brendon all the time if they’re sore and he says no.
Some answers will be answered more indepthly with your endo, but I wanted to give you our experience to compare your daughter’s with so that you know everything will be just fine :slight_smile:

Wow, so it’s only been a few months for you all. Brendon was diagnosed when he was 2.5 yrs old, but I still remember all of the newness of it all like it was yesterday. It’ll become so second nature for you all soon.
As for Cozmo advertising about alternate site testing…are you sure you read that correctly? Since they’re an insulin delivery system, glucose testing wouldn’t really be a feature other than offering the Freestyle glucose meter attachment.
If you “Google” pump packs, you will find a lot of websites that sell pump packs with all sorts of patterns that your daughter can choose from. We’ve bought a few of them so that if they get dirty or wet, he can switch to another for the time being.
What ever other questions come up (and they will, LOL…they still do for us) ask away!!