Questions for those that have the pink dexcom g4

For those that have the pink G4. Is is pink pink or is more of a fuschia pink. In the pictures it looks more of a fuschia and if it is I wouldn't mind having it. But if it is actually pink I don't want it.

It's definitely not a pastel, if that's what you mean. I never know how to note specific color shadings, but it is a bright but non-florescent color. The online pictures are pretty accurate.

I think it is definetely pink. When friends and family looked at my new receiver (I had black before) their first response was You got a pink one. But I like it. It is easy to see that splash of pink in my bag. However, if it is in the case that dex provides you don't see any of the color Hope this helps

It's definitely pink. More hot pink than anything.

Thanks for the info guys. Definitely helps me with my decision. Hot pink is ok, might be easier to find then black, but I did order a case for it. A red lightening tally gear case and a peelz for it. The starry starry night one. Not sure how soon I will put the peelz on it though. So many tough decisions once we actually get approved for our new "toys"