Questions from a type II

I started Januvia last week, so it really hasn’t enough time to tell whether it is working well or not. But I do have some questions…or observations and would like comments or answers…

I did have a piece of birthday cake yesterday, 2 oz if that, lemon custard, very good! That was about 2:00…took my metformin on time both afternoon and eve doses. This am my FBS was 198 ---- higher than most of the week. How long does it take for those numbers or foods eaten yesterday to be through your system or the meds to help with those numbers?

I took my am dose of Amaryl and Januvia and my numbers at 12:00 after breakfast about two hours before are about 140 – which means things have gone down, but not enough. So am I still working on getting to 120 or below? Does that mean the Januvia is still getting on board, do you suppose?

This is all new to me, and I am trying very hard to get back in control…I miss exercising (I can’t believe I said that) and that could be part of the problem…I MUST exercise to get a number that is healthy for me.

And so we go, life is so good, I am sure God laughs everyday at the antics of his little people.

think it takes 1-2 hours for food you digest to enter your system and if you don’t do something high blood sugar can stick around even overnight

Darn I thought so. Well, now I know…don’t eat a high sugar snack before bed…suppose that’s why they told me protein. Stupid me!