Questions re Frio pump case and Spibelt

I’ve recently acquired 2 pieces of gear based on repeated recommendations on this site. One is a Frio case to keep my pump cool, now that it’s gotten hot. The other is a Spibelt for running.

Question 1: I followed the directions, but the Frio doesn’t seem very cold, and my (non-waterproof) pump is definitely getting damp in it, despite the inner pouch. Thoughts/suggestions?

Question 2: Everyone says the Spibelt doesn’t bounce. Mine bounces like a 6 year old on a trampoline. What are you carrying in it, and how do you wear it? Zipper facing in or out? I try to have the zipper facing out, but it wants to twist in. I also wear it lower than my natural waist. It’s better with less stuff in it, but for longer runs I wanted to have my pump, my carbs, AND my meter &c. Can anyone help?

I never have worried about my pump in Texas heat, only “problem” I have noticed is in the summer I have more of a tendency to run elevated sugars when on end of day 3 of site/reservoir use. I am aware of this, and try to plan site changes accordingly.

Locally, where I can get the Spibelt, they say less is better in the belt. I find that when adding my cell to my spibelt with the dexcom, it moves much more. Maybe you can clip pump and use belt for rest of supplies, to see if it makes a difference. Good luck!