Quick one/ stop G6 sensor, already out

I did a dumb thing. My G6 was due to be out in 2 hours so I removed it and inserted a new one. It had been in 20 days.
However, the thing does not know I put a new sensor in my other arm even. The old one is out, of course. I can’t find a ‘stop sensor’ so I can enter the new code.
Can anyone help other than removing the new one and letting the two hours run out to 11:30 pm and starting again?

Do you see start sensor ? One or the other should show.

If prior one reached 10 days, it would do stop on it’s own .

It is not due to stop or end until a few minutes after 11 pm my time. About 50 minutes from now. I may have to remove the new one.
Darn. I don’t like this. Since I am so sleepy!

I do not see start sensor because it thinks the other one is not finished yet. I do now have a sensor error but the old one is, according to what I see, still supposedly in place.

Then I would think stop sensor should show. Do you use receiver or app ?

Try going to

Menu - Settings - Sensor info

Should confirm whether it thinks there is an active sensor.

yes, it did. Oh well. It is 11.30 now and the old one has “ended” so I am still awake after starting the new one. There ought to be a "stop sensor’ button somewhere!
Thanks much.

Didn’t work. Won’t take the new sensor. I am just giving up till morning. Try to remove it then. I tried already and this one seems glued in. …arrgghh…

Do a restart @Blueburd, it will work fine.

  1. Let sensor expire or stop.
    Yours has already stopped now.
  2. Remove transmitter while sensor is still on your arm
    use a test strip or thin card. - there is a hidden clip in middle of sensor - try to get
    it to raise up slightly on both sides and the transmitter will come out.
  3. Wait at least 30 minutes, longer is okay and the rumor is it’s possible 15 minutes
    works, I just haven’t tried it yet
  4. Snap Transmitter back into the sensor
  5. Start new sensor session using your original code

I dont know if you are running off a traditional receiver or a phone app. This might not be what you are asking for, but I will take a stab at it.

Controlling the G6 from the traditional receiver, Menu > Sensor > Stop Sensor

Controlling the G6 from the Dexcom phone app,

1.) Open Dexcom app

2.) Click Settings icon

3.) Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page

4.) ‘Stop Sensor’ should be highlighted in blue if the sensor is still running. Press it.
If the sensor is not still running, it will display ‘Start Sensor’ option instead.

See page 254 in the USER MANUAL: LINK HERE

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Sorry, I have been crazy busy this morning. I finally got the new sensor removed this morning. Been doing this for months but this was the toughest removal so far.
Just now re-inserted, after several hours and will see what happens. 3 other tries no luck.

I use the receiver that came with it, for those who asked. I have an iPhone but not having to deal with a larger iphone vs small thin receiver in pocket works for me.
I will know within about half an hour if this works like the other attempts. 3 hours out of site should help it forget!! I hope.

Thanks to all and I will report back after grocery run.
Oh, and if i ever get to upgrading my iphone from vs 6 to something newer, I may ask about how phone folks for refs on how or why I should use iphone instead of simple receiver.

It has been a crazy Thursday for me. The new sensor is finally working. It is 3:45pm my time and the sensor shows 110. No time for lunch yet. Contour Next says 78. So split the difference I guess.

Mohe, yes, I have seen the start and stop sensor notes before but not this time. I wonder if it is because I removed the old sensor half an hour before it was due to “die”. I looked at settings and all its list several times and did not see the stop or start per usual.
I can’t replay it in my mind. Just know I went to Settings many times. Removing the new sensor today for a few hours finally did the trick. Thanks and I will save your info for future use. I normally use a used strip to remove sensor and it works but this old one did not want to let go. Lots of weirdness at same time. THANK YOU.


The “Stop Sensor” option is there on the G6 Receiver. HOWEVER it is somewhat hidden in that you have to know you have to click the scroll bar on the right to scroll down a notch to see it. Otherwise you would never know it’s there.

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Hmmm. Welp, I thought I scrolled but you know I may not have!! Thank you, Tim12.

When in doubt call Dexcom

They will walk you they step by step and probably replace any unnecessary sensor changes

They have excellent 24 7 tech support


This is an important point. The G6 receiver does not allow you to swipe on the menu to scroll down, or to swipe on the scroll bar, or tap the empty part of the bar.
You have to specifically tap the down arrow at the bottom right to get the rest of the menu. You are a good person @Tim12 for including the screenshot!

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I had to be told to scroll down to find the “stop sensor.” It’s not obvious, or wasn’t to me.

I think making the “Stop Sensor” option being so hidden away, is so that you don’t accidentally “pocket dial” a sensor stop.

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@Tim12 I wondered why myself, the “Stop Sensor” option was so far down and I thought the “Shutdown” should be the last option or even “Brightness”. Then, I looked at the choices and realized it is an alphabetical list.

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In reply to “accidental”: maybe. If you select Stop Sensor you still have to go through the press 1 then press 2 confirmation process, so it would be pretty tough to butt dial - or, sorry, pocket dial - a stop sensor instruction.

I pull my receiver out of my pocket all the time to find that (1) and sometimes (2) had been pressed on the way out of my pocket.