Quick Question- Type 1 & Pregnant

Is it safe to take a low dose of Metformin while pregnant?
How about Metformin while breast feeding?

I’m type 1 and battling some highs in the morning. Not when I wake, but after eating breakfast. So, it’s either get help in absorbing the insulin in the morning, or stop eating any carbs at all in the morning for the next 17 weeks.


I’ve been on Metformin before - for 3 months last year- and it helped in lowering my insulin needs sooooo much.

When I was pregnant they kept me on metformin.

Thank you for responding! I figure it’s probably safe during pregnancy because it’s been around since 1920s. Just needed to ask and see what everyone else was doing. :slight_smile:

The doctors told me that the metformin protects against miscarriages…

really? I’ve never heard of that. I mean I read somewhere that Metformin will boost your fertility, but never heard of it protecting against miscarriages. Interesting.

I took Metformin for 3 months for my “gestational diabetes” which turned out to really be type 1 and my little boy came out strong and healthy he is 5 today! I was wondering the same thing about Metformin being used with the insulin during the later stages of pregnancy when you are very insulin resistant. Please let me know what your doctor says!

Check out this link I found http://www.diabetesmine.com/2010/01/metformin-for-type-1-diabetes-really-why.html

From Diabetes Mind (Thanks Lil Mama)
"She explains the science behind it: “High levels of insulin antagonize the production of hormones in the pituitary gland, which then signal for the ovaries to release higher amounts of testosterone. This extra testosterone then causes developing ovarian follicles to clump together and become sticky, which results in a cystic appearance. This can prevent ovulation from occurring, and also cause irregular menstrual cycles. In fact, PCOS is the No. 1 cause of infertility in American women. One in four of us has it.”
which is why Metformin increases fertility because it lowers the amount on un-used insulin in your body- which, in turn, lowers women’s testosterone levels.

Wow. I was on Metformin alongside insulin injections for a few months last spring. I demanded my doc prescribe Metformin to me. He was really hesitant at first, but finally agreed once I reminded him that it was “my body, my life.” The two drugs worked well together and I was able to kind of re-boot my system and lower my insulin intake requirements by almost half. Which is amazing. I’ve been type 1 for 13 years now and I was doubling my insulin requirements due to resistance every 2 years.

I would love to start taking small doses of Metformin again as my insulin requirements are going up. Currently 20 weeks now and I’ve increased 10u of levemir at night and 10u of levemir in the morning. Afraid what my dose is going to look like later on in the pregnancy as I’m only a little over halfway. (going to 37 weeks instead of full term)