Quick question

I inserted my second pod and did better than I did with the first one :)…had a struggle with getting the inserter (or whatever its called) off the pod but figured it out.

On the receiver I went to the menu and clicked on start sensor. is this correct? Its taking its time getting started again. Is this normal? I presume I would have to do the calibration twice like I did with the first pod?

Thanks! i am absolutely loving this thing. I officially named it casanova :-D

Hi Amy,

Yep, that’s correct. It takes two hours (or so) to be prompted for those first two BG readings. Your graph area should be grayed out until then. Hope this helps!

so I do do this with every new pod correct? I just want to be sure I am not doing anything wrong. And the info is in the receiver still right?? I haven’t downloaded anything yet as I mistakenly left the cord to download the info at my boyfriend’s house as his car broke down and couldn’t bring it to me.

Yes, you do that with every new one. And yes, your info will still be in the receiver. Hopefully you didn’t leave your charger there also!

Yes, the data is in the receiver, not the sensor/transmitter. And yes, every time in insert a new sensor you’ll need to go through the “Start Sensor” (and two hour warm up) process.

I don’t know off the top of my head how long the data stays in the receiver - anyone else know?

nope, the charger I actually remembered! It was the USB cord I left there…I was beginning to get nervous that I lost the info. Its good to know that it will do a 2 hour start up every new pod. My dr will know that right?

I read in the manual 30 days but since this is my second pod I wasn’t sure if it erases it or it stays…Wanted to double check as I was freaking out a bit!

It stays in the receiver. The only time you loose readings is if you are out of range. Then the readings do not get to the receiver.

The manual says 30 days, but my experience is that it holds more. One time I got lazy and didn’t download for about 40 days, and I didn’t loose any readings. I do try to download at least once a week. When I first got my Seven Plus, I was downloading every day!

The download process transfers all available readings from the receiver to your computer. This is different than my OmniPod PDM which only downloads full days (midnight to midnight).

I’ll be downloading the info tomorrow when I get home. I can’t wait to see it on a screen. I did lost about an hour during the night and of course a few other times but overall, liking the system.

My guess after a bit of snooping around is that there’s not a fixed number of days but rather fixed buffer of memory that holds not only sensor readings but also other data like calibrations, events, etc. I have reason to believe that the receiver even records key press events and such internally even though you have no access to that through the DM3 software. This all leads me to conclude that the total number of days stored is somewhat variable depending on how much other data is mixed in and that it will likely hold “at least” 30 days.