Quick question

ok so i live in the woods and i found a trail in the woods thats about a mile long. id like to go for a jog or walk on it on my own just to give myself time to get away but my parents probly wont let me. i know i need to carry my bg meter and some glucose tabs and my cell phone, and i could probably keep that stuff in my pockets. but my parents would probly want me to take my whole insulin bag (that has all my diabetes stuff in it. and its a pocketbook) but if i want to jog i cant really do that with a pocketbook.
any advice on what to say to my parents??

What’s in your “whole insulin bag” ? and what about a fanny pack instead…one of those that you wear around your waist? I think it’s great that you want to get out and feel more independent…maybe you should go out on the trail a time or two with you parents so they can see how well you can manage. Be sure to have a snack or protein bar etc before you go. The fact is you need to disuss this with your parents and remind them that you need to learn how to manage diabetes on your own and as hard as it may be for them they will have to accept the fact that they won’t always be able to do it for you. You’ll always be a diabetic, but you won’t always be a kid…

If the trail is a mile long you will cover it, there and back in less than an hour. Most people walk at about 3 miles per hour. If you have ever been away for more than an hour similar preparations should work. Work with them. Keep the first excursion to say 15-20 minutes then 30 and so on.
Or walk it with them so they know your route and they can see what you are up against. Then work from there. Your idea of what to take BG meter, glucose tabs etc… should be enough. That will get you through the 60 or so minutes you are gone.
Another way is to go a little high, and see how much you drop the first time out. That way you aren’t in danger of going low. But you have to be stable in the higher range. Not on a quick up and quick down. Then correct the high after you are back for awhile.

You should be fine with a meter, emergency glucose (or energy gels), your phone, and some sort of medical ID. That is literally all I take with me on bike rides, and I’m usually gone for about an hour, sometimes more… anything else is excessive IMO.

Look into a waist pack of some sort - yes, they look stupid, but they do work very well :slight_smile:

If you go would your dogs go also? Could you get a pack for on of them and they can carry your supplies? Dogs love to work and love to feel needed.

I also go to the park + I find the best thing to carry my "supplies " - ie Snack of Apple , Glucose Tablets,insulin ,Glucometer,purse ,phone + house keys - is in a very small Rucksack -(tried the fanny / bum bag but i found I was too aware of it bouncing up + down) - i found when i had my little rucksack adjusted on tightly - that i was hardly aware of it - just remember if you find things getting tough! - while you are doing your circut - to stop + check your blood sugar ! - as it may be low + time to take your snack or a glucose tablet ! - I find with my tiny ruck sack i can take everything i need + once its tightened sufficiently - i am not aware of it ! - happy jogging !

Invite one of them to come with you the first time so they can see you’ll be safe with just a meter, some tabs and a cell phone. They’ll also know where to look for you if they get weird . . . I mean worried.


p.s. get a Spibelt (www.spibelt.com) if you’re only carrying two or three items.