Quit Smoking now having problems with Glucose control

Quit April 22… Now I’m consistantly higher than I was before I quit smoking. Has this happened to anyone else… if so how did you handle it? I’m not on meds… and only use food and exercise to control… I’m thinking it might be better to smoke! (not really… but still)

Any ideas?

Way to go on quitting smoking! Not an easy task-- you should be proud!!

I haven’t heard about any effect of cigarettes on blood sugar… has anything about your diet or activity level changed at the same time?

Sylvia, I’m also here to give you credit for getting off the cigs. It’s reallly really hard to do. When I quit, I started walking more, and walking almost every day, because I knew I would gain weight. I gained about 5 pounds in spite of the extra exercise. I’m glad I don’t smoke anymore. I don’t remember if my bgs were higher, though…

It could be the stress on the body from withdrawals?

I looked but could not find the website that said quitting lead to better BG control. Since I can’t find the site I’m not sure if it was a reliable one.

Congratulations. I wish I had the courage at this point to quit. My husband is smoke free for 8 weeks now and done with the grumpies so I am supposed to follow suit. just need a little more courage!

You can do it Samatha! I know it’s hard and my husband is currently in the same phase that you are (working up the courage). We should start a group for people who quit smoking— maybe there already is one? We have had a few members who have quit recently! Good to have support!

now here is an example… got up this morning… had
1 cup of coffee with cinnamon
2 eggs
4 slices of bacon.
8oz skim milk.
Just took glucose… about 1.5 hours after eating. 243!! WTF??
Normally… well back when I smoked it would be like 145 at the most…