Quiting smoking

Well for someone who has smoked for about 30 years and was up to over a pack a day I am doing pretty good. I am down to 4 cigs a day now. It has been hard because the only way I knew how to quit was the way my father quit years ago. He substituted hard candy for his cigs. Well being a diabetic, that is a little difficult to do. Yes, I have used sugar-free hard candy but I found out that that raises your bg too because of carbs in it. I just can’t win. But the doctor decides he is going to tell me i need to loose wieght now on top of stopping smoking. I said “Ah, that ain’t gonna happen until I have totally quit smoking.” there is no way I can do both. Since at this point the stopping smoking is more important than the wieght, it comes first. i am using the chantix to help with the cravings, but i still want a cig, i haven’t gotten to the point of not wanting one. i am hoping that happens soon. so wish me luck that that will happen soon and i can be totally done with the little monsters.

Congrats on quitting smoking. Here is another website for you to check out. I bet you will find a lot of resources. Also why not ask on the forums here for ideas about keeping your mouth (and hands) busy while you quit. As important as losing weight is, quitting smoking is more important. Are you getting a little bit of exercise in every day? I bet you will find that your stamina increases just from the reduced number of cigarettes!

Hi Misty,
Ya I have noticed I am not as “wheezzy” as I used to be. i try to keep busy, hands and mouth, but it is in brain that keeps whispering"u want one, get one, go on you know you want it,…" lol just have to ignore that voice. It is like diabetes, you don’t knwo how many people who have never smoked say, “just quit, and don’t pick them up anymore!” like it is that easy. I would love to see them try. It may be interesting to see them bounce off the walls…hehehe thanks for the encouragement and I will check out the website.

Sugar-free gum is the only candy that I find is really carb-free

I have heard great reports about the drug Chantix. Have you heard of that?

i know it is working for me, keeps me from “climbing the walls”! Io can actually “forget” about cigs for a while.

I celebrated my 2 years smoke free yesterday. I used the patch and it really worked. I was smoking a pack a day for 15 years.

I quit smoking and gave myself 1 year before I was going to worry about my weight. I knew I was going to put on weight and I had to be okay with it. I knew the smoking had to be stopped first. After that year I joined weight watchers and have lost 42 pounds so far. It is still slow going but I know I am a non smoker.

Good luck!

I’m in the process of doing that now and have found that if I don’t have a cig I WANT FOOD!!! Anything , anykind, it really doesn’t matter to me! As for losing weight right now, I’m like you it WON’T happen!!! Geroge has a good idea here. Let’s give ourselves a year before we start dieting!!! I’ve always been aroude 130 but in the last 3 weeks I think I’m up to 150 now! Wait got to get on those scales and find out for sure! HA! Like that’s going to happen right now!!!

I think the “one year” thing is a good idea! i am like you I crave food all kinds anytime. i am about where you are about 150, which is why he is saying he wants me to loose weight. but he will just have to wait until i am totally smoke free.

“You can lose weight, you cannot grow a new lung.” That was the sentence I would say to myself as I had to buy some bigger sizes pants. I ate like mad BUT I stopped smoking. And now I am struggling with losing weight. I hate it but it was worth it. Stopping smoking was a big deal for me.

Baby Carrots helped a lot. They are a good munchy snack and yummy.

Well George,
I have one problem with the whole carrot thing. I had my teeth pulled in preperation for my dentures and I am now fighting with the insurance co. to get them. lol can’t win! So no baby carrots unless cooked well.

Oh no. :frowning: I am still rooting for you!!!


Baby carrotts well I’m like Karen here I don’t know if I can eat them . My denturesa are 15 years old and not in the best fitting shape right now and as for insruance and paying for them well …I’m on Medicade and Medicare won’t happen no way no how!!!

That is why i am fighting withthem Doris, it is state insurance but they were done so that I wouldn’t have problems later down the road, can’t get infections so they tell me and they decided to do it, well medicaid agreed to pay then they made me return to work, part time, and reduced my ins and told me it wasn’t approved. This was after they approved it then we pulled them then they told me they wouldn’t I was so mad. How can they start something like that then say “oh well, now we aren’t going to.” seems to me if they start it they should have to follow thru with it. Better not get on that high horse or i will really get going. lol