Quitter - Update... almost 24 hours

It’s been almost 24 hours and so far, so good.
I found that 3pm is tough and RIGHT NOW. It’s bed time in CT. The family is asleep and NOW Is the time that I normally stay up, work on my “art projects” and smoke at each step. So, instead of that. I’m going to sleep!

Thanks to each and everyone who has offered support along the way. I feel SO good about my decision!

Wonderful, Erin! Are you using the patch? I’m so proud of you!

Cold Turkey! I watched some HORRIBLE videos that were linked to George Simmon’s video and I said “What in the world am I doing to myself???” So far, so good. I’ve tried the patch and it made my arm hurt, I’ve tried chantix and didn’t like that. The cold turkey is going to work. The image I saw was SO gross… so I ripped up all three packs and I’m DONE! Thank you for checking on me. I need that.

well, good for you! I understand it takes three days to get it out of your system physically. I think it helps to exercise and drink lots of water.

Go Go GO!!! You are doing great.

Congratulations - it’s a huge step but you can make it happen!