QUITTER - Update ... almost one week!

I wanted to thank you all! Tonight - Christmas Eve / Christmas morning - at 1:00am it will be ONE WEEK since I last smoked a cigarette! I’m DONE!

I AM A NON-SMOKER. I can say it now.

Thank you for all of your love and support.
George - You are my hero!


Fantastic, Erin! Doesn’t it feel great?

Yay Erin! I have 6 :)'s no voice boxes for us!

I AM SO HAPPY AND PROUD OF YOU! You are my hero!

Merry Christmas YAH,

On November the 24th I was clean & sober for 17 years. However, it took me another 7 years to give up cigarettes. Giving up cigarettes was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I enjoyed smoking, but I was genuinely afraid of what it was doing to my body. I don’t ever want to start smoking again because I don’t ever want to have to quit again. For years after I quit, I could be in a crowded restaurant and just get a whiff of a cigarette from across the restaurant somewhere, and just for a moment I would want to get up, go find it, and just take a long drag off of it. But it always passed. Today? I can’t recall the last time I wanted to take a drag off a cigarette. So it does get better with time. The down side? I gained like 50 pounds the first year I was cigarette free, and I was like "you know, God, I’ve given up all these hurtful things, and now its gonna be food. What it amounted to was I gave up smoking and started eating Bluebell Ice Cream. The rest of the story? I was diagnosed with Diabetes, and today I don’t eat Bluebell Ice Cream anymore. I lost 22 pounds, and when I started taking Insulin, I gained it back. So for me it seems like everything has been a trade off. But I’m light years from where I was 17 years ago. Kudos to you for giving up the smokes. You know, even when I was smoking I used to think, “Who was the guy that first thought up the idea of taking a dried out weed, crumbling it up on a piece of paper, rolling it up and sticking it together, setting it on fire, and sucking the hot smoke into his lungs?” He obviously had entirely too much time on his hands. Something about that just doesn’t seem right. But I understand how easy it is to get addicted. I know from experience. I’ve been addicted to everything that ever changed the way I felt. Well its early in the morning on Christmas day, and here I am just rambling. Kudos to you for gaining the victory over something you set out to do. Hang in there, and oh yeah, stay away from Blue Bell Ice Cream.
Merry Christmas!

Way to go Erin. :smiley: That’s a Nice amount of time.

I thought I was overly addicted but looking at Bobby’s restaurant experience, I guess not. I found that usually when I was around Friends or Family who smoked…BlaH!..I ended up smoking again. That’s why I had to quit so many times. This last time I stayed away from Friends or Family who smoked, for about 10 months to make sure their smoking wouldn’t get me caught up into it again. My Hubby quit with me(his 21st time quitting)this last time also so he couldn’t bother me by smoking.

I gained about 15 lbs. the last time but I lost it again by cutting down on the replacement food and getting into different projects, drinking extra water and doing more and different exercises. Keep up your hard work Erin!! Merry Christmas!

Congratulations, Erin!!! Keep up the GREAT work. :slight_smile:

Erin, I was checking back on you. I am so proud of you!! You go girl!