I’ve always told people “I’m not a quitter”. For the past 24 years that I’ve smoked I always jokingly say that when people ask “When are you going to quit?” Well, it’s now time to call me QUITTER. This coming Sunday, Dec. 21st is the day.

My story is long, but I want to share a little with you. I was diagnosed with T1 at age 2 1/2. My brother, who is 3 years younger than me, was diagnosed with T1 at age 2 also. It was great growing up together and never knowing anything different. Our parents did a fantastic job of educating us and taking care of us. We went to Joslin twice a year, had our eyes checked, did our urine testing in test tubes on the bathroom sink and dad gave us our injections in our bottoms. We knew our friends didn’t do these things, but we did.

As a family we travelled - extensively. I had my 13th birthday in a Boma in Africa. From the ages of 13 to 19 we travelled to all 7 continents and 104 countries. Yes, there was normally one entire suitcase filled with nothing but diabetes supplies: insulin, injections, blood testing equipment (once it became available), snacks, etc… As I said, our parents were fantastic. They decided when we were very small that there was nothing we could not do, diabetes or not!

Well, when I was 15 I spent a summer at the Clara Barton Camp for girls with Diabetes in Massassachussetts. I was a CIT - Counselor in Training. It was that fun, yet fateful, summer that introduced me to smoking. I don’t remember why I tried the first one. Yes, the “cool” girl was doing it … Kim (no last names to protect the innocent), so I tried it. And, I never stopped. It’s now been 24 years and I’m still smoking. My parents have tried for years to get me to quit. My friends have tried and this past year my husband and kids have REALLY tried.

You see, I was married on Dec. 5, 1993 to the most amazing man in the world! My husband Alex started smoking the day we were married. Nerves? Who knows?, but he smoked for 14 years and quit last Jan. 1, 2008. For almost a year he’s been patiently asking me “are you going to quit? You know it’s not good for you, especially with the diabetes.” Again, I’ve used the old “I’m not a quitter” line and he has patiently been shaking his head for all these months.

Well, when Alex and I first married 15 years ago, we eloped. In 1995 I gave birth to our daughter and in 1998 I gave birth to our son. Now, last year, we rejoined the Catholic Church ( I told you this story was long and I’m being “choppy” but there is a point… hang in there…) The kids had both been baptized but had not received First Communion. Sept. 2007 we enrolled them in a private class to prepare them for Communion. The scheduled date for the celebration was Dec. 22. A week before the Communion the woman teaching the kids called me and was verifying information for the church records. One question was “when were you and Alex married?” Easy, 12/5/93. “What church?” she asked. We eloped, I answered. “Ut OH” she said. Well, to make a long story short, we were “remarried” Dec. 21st. My dad finally got to give me away and it turned into a very special event.

So, now, here we are … Dec. 16, 2008. Sunday will be one year that I’ve been remarried to my wonderful husband. I’ve decided that I want to give my husband and my children the gift of my health for Christmas and for our “one” year anniversary.

Wish me luck! and, please do share… did you do the patch? cold-turkey? You? your friends?


Patch and Friends Good Luck and what a wonderful story. My Husband and I also had eloped in Vegas. We wore jeans and t-shirts. ~8:o) Ahh the good ole days. A year later I had deicded to become catholic and went through the classes and we had to get remarried before I could receive the sacraments. We still didn’t make a huge deal, the nuns, priest, My Hubby and my brother in law and sister in law were our witnesses. But we have already been married 2 times and we’ve only been married for 3 years. Crazy. ~8:o) Good Luck again!!

Erin, I wish you the best, but remember this - quitting smoking is NOT luck! There’s no luck involved, believe me, I’ve been there. It’s hard work and determination and for this ONE thing, it is ALL ABOUT YOU. It’s not for the hubby, it’s not for the children, even though they’ll benefit. It’s about YOU, what YOU do and YOUR health and YOUR future. YOU. YOU, YOU (you say - ME, ME, ME!!).

I’m only being slightly facetious. The first week is the roughest, but in time it gets better. I highly recommend that you visit www.whyquit.com and read the inspirational and informative material there. It will explain the causes and nature of nicotine addiction, the tricks your mind and body will play on you to get you to start again, and answer all the justifications you’re addicted body will offer for having ‘just one more.’ There’s no such thing as just one more - it’s all or nothing. Just like you’re not ‘a litte diabetic’ or ‘a little pregnant’. You either quit or you dont’.

You will be a quitter. I am and I’m proud of it. Go for it.

It’s not luck, it’s you.

Erin I wrote a message to you in George’s discussion…good luck. My husband and I got married in the Bahamas. We did not want a big to-do wedding, something very personal. I am Catholic and he is not, both of our kids were baptized in the Catholic church. I’ve gotten away from it over the years, for various reasons. Now my son is 7 and I didn’t sign him up for CCD. Next year will be 1st communion so I have to. Is it a prerequisite that the parents have to be married before the kids could recieve their first communion? I always intended to have my marriage “blessed” by the church, but days turn into years and it just never happened. I think it’s great that you’ve reconnected w/ your church. you really sound like your ready to quit. But remember…give YOURSELF the gift of your health…that will be the greatest gift you can give to your family. You are so worth it!!! Man, I always thought I was the only diabetic who smoked. Who knew?! Best of luck to you.

I agree! I am doing this for me. I’ve chosen to not tell my family (or any friends) because I want to do this for me and not have them “watching” me for the first few days. Then, on Christmas I’ll share that I’ve chosen to do this. I’ll explain it’s for ME : ) but will also be for them. My kids REALLY want me to quit, but I’ve decided that I REALLY want to quit! You’re right. This is all about ME!


I agree with Terry. I tried to quit for my kids, for my wife, for my friends and it never worked. Until I did it for me and for my toes (That was my thing, save the toes) was I able to stay smoke free.


yes to all of the above! the gum worked for me. I think not telling people is a great idea! now think about all the benefits, besides your health: figure out how much money you’ll save $$$$$, how your clothes and hair won’t stink, you won’t have to go outside and sneak a smoke somewhere, your car won’t smell, you won’t have to worry if you have enough cigs for the day, and you’ll be able to exercise better. You ARE going to be smoke FREE!!! yaaaaa!