R.I.P. Phone... I'll miss you :(

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa.... So this is a had to be there moment but i thought i should share... So I was at my friends house and we were sitting by her pool. Well her pool is broken and in the corner its filled with green dirty water but the rest of the pool is dry. Well we were sitting in the corner where the water is and i had my cell phone in my lap... Well i stood up and you can probably guess what happend next....... Yep if you guessed it fell it you are correct. Well me and my friend tried to get it. it all was going well until we saw a huge snake next to us. We screamed and ran. What a day

SNAKE!!! I don't blame u I would have left it there for the snake too! LOL!

Sometimes if you dry a phone out, it may work again. Leave it in a sunny room or something. I had a pump that blew up, I took it home, left it in the sun, nothing. I left the battery in it so it was bleeping "alerts" about the "BUTTON ERROR" message and I put it in the freezer. The next morning, I got it out because I was curious and it seemed to be fine. I didn't use it, as the "blowing up" scared me but, still, it seemed to do the usual stuff, all the settings were there, etc.

Hey anna..

I have dropped many a phone in many a wet place, the last one down the toilet in fact ha..

Best thing to do is remove the battery and the back of the phone and place it in the airing cupboard (not sure what they are called in the USA) the cupboard with the boiler in, that your mum probably puts washing in ha,,

The thing is i cant dry the battery because its still in the pool!!!!!!!! We tried to get it but we were seeing snakes and didnt feel like getting bit because we were later told they were posinous.