RA and chronic iritis--anyone found relief?

Hi all -

Had my annual vision and medical eye exams yesterday. Need a new prescription after one year--I'm guessing due to the diabetes diagnosis. Thankfully no diabetic retinopathy (which my mom has), no glaucoma. I hate that visual field test! My cataracts are maintaining/haven't grown. Mom had her cataracts removed last year and has had several surgeries on her retina for leakage. My grandmother had cataracts and glaucoma, but no blindness.

However, my iritis is reoccurring--becoming chronic due to the rheumatoid arthritis. So more prednisone drops--not good for the diabetes. Anyone else battling this issue with RA of the eye? Have you found any relief other than the prednisone drops?

My ophthalmologist said the iritis would be worse if I wasn't already on a maintenance dose of prednisone for my RA, but the prednisone is not good for the diabetes. Always a catch 22.

maybe a bit unrelated…I noticed in some of your other posts that you have RA, but if you don’t mind, could you please share how you got diagnosed?

Hi Krisa, sure. I was diagnosed after a severe allergy attack. My primary care physician referred me to an allergist who ran an allergy test and blood test. The allergy test basically confirmed I was allergic to almost everything--foods, pollens, chemicals, pets, etc.

The blood tests (CRP, blood panel, and SED rate) showed high inflammation. The allergist referred me to a rheumatologist with the note of either lupus or RA. My mother immediately said it was RA since my paternal grandmother had RA.

I've been battling RA for close to 20 years now officially, but my doctors think I've probably had it ever since I was diagnosed with Graves disease at 13.

As I am sure you are aware, when you have one autoimmune disease or disorder, you are prone to have more.

Kate, I had a very significant care of Iritis in 2011 following removal of a contact. I also have RA. The issue resolved eventually, I used a lot of prednisone drops, and my ophthalmologist eventually decided I had a herpes infection. The covering of the eye eventually tore and there is a gash in the lens covering. Yeah it is bad stuff.

yes.. I know.. I have Hashimoto's (beside t1d) and am experiencing bad joint pains lately, also back/neck pain..

Thank you!