Racing the Planet : The Start

Well the training has been going according to plan. I have added more weight to the pack and immediate result was having lows. Even the banana trip did not work. I have had to increase the cabs in my diet to allow for the extra effort involved in the heavier pack I am now running with. It is hard to believe that a few kg can make such a difference. I have also started to increase the distance. I was planning to do two sessions a day but with the current workload this will not work.

The big news is I have decided to do another Racing the Planet race and have decide to do the Gobi Dessert race I did one when I was not a diabetic and it was real tough as I could not get the training in an all that training was done on a treadmill. My wife might be joining me on the race she is a ICU sister and with my D she will be very handy to have around. So if there are any other D people who would like to join me to prove a point I would love to have a team to enter. A Diabetic Reach for a Dream Team. I think that this would prove a point that we can do anything we want as long as we plan it right. So it is out there if anyone has any comment please feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Hi, Neil,
What's the budget and time commitment to do a thing like this?
I'm not ignoring the training commitment, but I have at least an idea what that would be like.
Also, what is the schedule? 2015? 2016?
I hope it comes together, with or without me.

Jerry go and look at the web page racing the planet. It gives you all the details you need. I have to say the organization for the Sahara was amazing, If we get a team together I would then talk to the organizers that we at least keep our meds cold etc. The medical team for the Sahara was amazing. Diet and food planning is going to be the critical part. I am going to try Tim Noakes a well known sport scientist that may be interested in putting a feeding plan together for us,he believes in hi fat and low carbs It is almost a year out. I last said training helps the first 3 days and then it is the mind that has to be well trained and prepared for the race. As it ia all tough from then on. It is amazing though. One pushes you body to places you thought you could not. In the Sahara there were days that you could easy think you were the only one on the planet. Why the Gobi. It is the biggest and is not just dessert. There are also towns that you go through so a lot of differnet things on the road.