Join the club wear the badge be part of a community share your thoughts experience let others know how are you how you are coping with the what shall we call it, I call mine Raffles after the great jewel thief but you know it as diabetes or diabetis as we call it over the Pond,if it was not for sites like this most of us would be in the dark concerning treatments diets and all the stuff the medical profession fail to tell us about in our short appointments they allocate us too,I have to be completely honest sitting down and trying to concentrate on what is being relayed to be is very difficult I am looking at the doctor or nurse making good eye contact but the information goes in one ear and rushes out the other ear at break neck speed,I have noticed my daughter who is also diabetic has the same problem with her short memory function just like me ask me what I did last week and I can probably give you a good description but ask me what I did 10 minutes ago and I really I really struggle,the list of my medication reads like a novel

Insulin,Victoza,aspirin,atorvastatin,Bisoprolol,Citalopram,Co-Dydramol,Finasteride,Furosemide,Isosorbide Mononitrate,Omerprazole,Ramipril,Spironolactone and now Colchicine and Allopurinol for gout missing two other drugs but cannot get upstairs to check medical box,so as you can see taking all these medications could mass your brain and make you a little forgetful,if my Angel is not there when I have to go to hospital or the doctors and that is very rare as she sticks to me like glue when I leave I could not tell you in all truth 95% of what has been told me,I have gone from being able to organise lots of different tasks all in one go to someone that cannot remember what day it is some days talking about that is it Tuesday or Wednesday,not moaning about the medication just the amount is it all necessary swallowing 13 different pills a day injecting 3 times a day is a full job in it’s self,well for me it is,when the news was given to me back in 1995 or 1996 that I was diabetic I really had no idea what lay in store for me,the heart attack in 2004 I could understand smoking being obese can do that to you,but diabetes where does the thing live in your body does it wake up some mornings and think let’s give him hell one minute you can feel good well as good as can be the next a hypo starts and clear thinking goes out the window it can also be frightening for those around you,when you glaze over and on some occassions keel over as I once did in Asda/Walmart cafeteria.
This morning I awoke to birds chattering,smudge sitting on my chest poking her nose to my face that can be scary some times if you have had a nightmare then 20 minutes later take 10 of my daily pills and feel like crap sorry no offence meant,but the sooner they find a solution to Raffles the better,my heart may take longer but it would be nice to walk 5 yards and not be out of breath,lot of people out there in a worse state than me I realise that but a rest bite would be great.