Rainy Days and Lows?

I have always noticed a connection between rainy days and low blood sugars. Am I alone in this? My dad (a paramedic) says that it’s not uncommon for his ambulance team to run on more hypo emergencies in rainy weather, but as we all know, correlation does not equal causality. I’ve never heard it discussed other than my own family’s casual observations. I asked an endo about it once and got such a weird look that I haven’t asked a medical professional again.

I’ve often wondered if the change in the barometric pressure somehow messes with my equilibrium. But I have nothing but anecdotal evidence. Does anyone else experience this?

Your turn to sound off. Craziness, coincidence, or correlation?

My readings in general are, I believe, lower in cold weather – but I’ve not accounted for rainy weather.
We can try to run an informal test here: anyone who keeps a log that allows for user-entered comments, comment the low for weather: rainy/snowy (yes, no, threatening/recovering). Members who wish to contribute to this should include ALL hypos, with date/time/weather. After a month or two (depending how many people buy into this and how many instances we get), analyze the results. The poll can be kept ongoing until we get a couple of thousand results (possibly more). If the correlation is statistically significant (greater than 10% difference), the results (data points – no personally-identifiable information) could be submitted for review some place like BioMed Central (a portal for reviewed journals which allows anyone to submit papers to its journals).

Hi Melissa
I know positively that my readings are lower in cooler weather by between 20 to 40 points, depending on how much cooler the weather is at the time. But I may not be a good person to measure by since my blood pressure is much lower in cooler weather also.
I can also tell you that rain, snow, thunder, wind, lightning, and threatening storms are so soothing to me and so beautiful and calming that all of my readings are lower as a result. I have a very hard time during the summers with both blood sugars and blood pressures. If it were not for the additional pain during storms from my RA I wish it would rain far more often.
If I may be so bold, may I suggest asking if a person enjoys the storms or is distressed during them and what the resulting readings are from there.
I havn’t kept track of my hypos other than logging them. From now on I will log all information stated above.